Vincent CLERC


En résumé

Ingénieur polyvalent, j'ai une solide formation en électronique et en mécanique, complétée par un doctorat en traitement du signal et robotique. Cette largeur de spectre me permet de piloter des équipes pluridisciplinaires dans des environnements fortement contraints aux priorités évoluant très rapidement.

Je suis fasciné par toutes les approches innovantes, quels que soient les domaines d'application. J'ai déposé à ce jour plusieurs brevets en électronique, motorisation électrique, mécanique ainsi que dans le domaine médical.

Imaginer, inventer, innover, repenser sont mes moteurs quotidiens.

Hybrid Designer/Engineer/Researcher with a diversity of backgrounds and perspectives
coming from varied past experiences in aerospace, video compression, military, M2M, medical and robotics.
Results-oriented/pragmatic Engineer with a dedicated career delivering challenging technology solutions
Recognized engineer with a very wide spectrum of knowledge and deep inside comprehension of many scientific fields. Natural communicator and team leader with strong motivational skills and the ability to build, produce, and succeed, as proved by a tangible track record.
Core competencies include:
Mechanics, electronics, thermal behavior, firmware, software, DSPs, mechatronics. Project management.
Fluent in French and English.

Mes compétences :
Électronique embarquée
Management de projets
Management d'équipe


  • Dyson - Head of Robotics Research

    Paris 2017 - maintenant Recherche en cognition, capteur, énergie, navigation, locomotion, machine learning, AI, processing, architectures robotiques...
  • Aldebaran Robotics - Director of the Advanced Robotics

    Paris 2014 - 2016 In charge of the applied research Laboratory of Aldebaran, with a pragmatic scouting mission: to explore, test and build, proof of concept of new actuators, sensors and complex mechatronic sub-systems dedicated to Robotic needs:
    • Develop core technology roadmaps and development plans that meet the needs of the company
    • Develop and communicate plans and proposals for new R&D, showing budget, schedule, risk and payoff
    • Staff team as required and as budget permits
    • Invent and develop new hardware component and product concepts, technologies and proofs of concept based on market needs and current product shortcomings
    • Research state of the art, alternatives and competitive products and approaches
    • Design, build and test rapid prototypes for evaluation and demonstration of new product ideas or technology concepts. Stay abreast of relevant internal Aldebaran research activities, and as appropriate, set up joint research and development projects with relevant deliverables
    • If appropriate, initiate and manage external joint development projects including negotiation of cooperation terms
    • Create and edit documentation for invention disclosure and patent applications as appropriate
    • Collaborate with hardware and software engineers to ensure select concepts and technologies are transitioned successfully into future products
  • Aldebaran Robotics - Mechatronic Director, PSE and Maker of PEPPER

    Paris 2011 - 2014 In charge of a multidisciplinary team of Electronics, Mechanics and Firmware Engineers, Project managers and Test Engineers. Direct responsibility of a 45M€ project and 145 people.
    • Grew the team from 15 engineers to 75 in less than 4 months and reached a 130 Head count in less than a year, despite limited physical space and no HR department.
    • Ensured accurate consolidation of numbers and milestones by creating a PM Office to follow budgets/Planning and KPI.
    • Delivered a fully functional and final looking first prototype of PEPPER in 17 weeks, by working days and nights, 7 days a week, with 15 engineers over this period and using 3D printing techniques.
    • Moved PEPPER from idea to prototyping phases, then to QA environment and into Production within 12 months, working with FOXCONN by creating a French/Chinese team of 15 people in Yantai (China).
    • Solved hundreds of mechatronic problems, using scrum meeting and customized agile processes with the highly skilled and goal-oriented people I previously hired.
    • Patented and co-patented 16 major inventions in mechanics and electronics, in 14 months
  • Aldebaran Robotics - Mechatronic Team Leader, Principal Hardware Engineer

    Paris 2010 - 2011 In charge of 15 engineers. Drove the re-design of the high-end autonomous NAO Robots and design of ROMEO by combining mechanical and electrical innovations to achieve best-in-class system performance and efficiency:
    • Achieved spectacular improvement of the mechanical reliability, temperature management and Electromagnetic Compatibility, by fully rethinking the existing hardware. Jumped from 10-fall-resistance to 3000+ fall-resistance, improvement 40°c system temperature, obtained CE marking.
    • Delivered two new robots designs in 12 months, ROMEO and NAO Next Gen, by introducing a Modified Agile methods to align rapidly evolving business requirements, specifications and product architecture.
    • Patented a method and apparatus to mitigate EMC propagation in Brushed DC motors.
  • Zodiac Data Systems - Deputy CTO of Space & Defense BU, member of the board, and R&D Manager.

    2008 - 2010
    In charge of multidisciplinary team of 45 persons:
    • Re-booted the R&D department and boosted creativity of a team of 15 highly demotivated, near to retirement, engineers (electronics, mechanics, software end project managers) by changing work process and hiring 30 engineers in 2 years.
    • Initiated new projects for new features and innovative architectures based on FPGA by reconnecting the R&D, sales and marketing department, and redefining users’ needs.
    • Released a new line of state-of-the-art mission recorder in 12 months: 30% lighter, 50% lower consumption, 200 times bigger data capacity, with sub-micro second time stamping capability.
  • ATEME - System Engineering Manager

    Bièvres 2006 - 2008 Started as Principal System Engineer to lead the design of the company’s first Product.
    Evolved to Head end System Engineering Manager of company’s strategic Broadcast & Broadband products, using state-of-the-art compression technologies associated to leading edge FPGA solutions.
    • Redesigned the prototype of the company first product in 6 months by introducing an innovative I-pod like tactile user interface and color display on a 1U rack for H264 compression racks.
    • Personally prototyped and redesigned company’s compression Racks, for thermal management, EMC/FCC and Transportation standards.
    • Built a new department for HEADEND turnkey solutions, with 5 engineers.
    • Deployed multi-million € turnkey Head end in 3 major Broadcast Companies: Free, TF1, France 2 within 18 months
  • IDTECT - Principal Hardware Engineer

    2001 - 2006 with direct Yearly budget responsibility of approximately €1M
    • Expressly designed from scratch, in 6 months, a series of monitoring instruments, used in very harsh industrial conditions (acid projections, high ambient temperatures, extreme vacuum, high EMI,…), expressing laboratory grade signal conditioning and data acquisition.
    • Created the hardware Architecture of state-of-the-art technology platforms including hardware, firmware and advanced signal-processing functionalities by working with both plants and machinery manufacturers, pooling expertise to design the most appropriate solution.
    • Aligned business and technology execution on a strategic as well as day-to-day basis, by driving cross-discipline exchanges between hardware and software teams.
  • Horizon Technologies - R&D Manager

    1999 - 2001 With Yearly budget responsibility of more than €500,000.
    Started as a Field Application Engineer, while studying for a PhD thesis in parallel.

    • Created and led the R&D department of the company. 5 hardware and 4 software Engineers.
    • Specified and developed boards to support multi-DSP, high volume data throughput applications.
    • Implemented and qualified real-time processing architecture.
    • Assumed pre-sales and support on Bittware, Hunt Engineering, Signatec, Spectrum and Alacron products.
  • CNRS - Research Engineer

    Paris 1996 - 1999 • Worked on satellite Ground segment, developing telemetry database for pre and post treatments (using ORACLE 8)
    • Developed leading edge instruments for radioastronomy: Acousto-Optical Spectrometer, Digital Spectro-polarimeters
  • 41eme Régiment de Transmission - Sous-Lieutenant

    1995 - 1996 Officier toutes armes, armée de terre. Elève officier à Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan
    Encadrement et formation des contingents d'appelés.
    Volontaire Service Long.



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