En résumé

7 years experience as Software Process Quality engineer and internal Auditor for the Automotive market.

1 year experience as Product Quality Engineer in Plant and Development centers (Body Controller and Head-Up Display products).

More than 10 years experience as embedded software development and team management (TV set-top box
and Automotive products).


  • Visteon - Product Quality Engineer

    PARIS LA DEFENSE 2013 - maintenant Missions:
    Identify then propagate the Quality goals into development and manufacturing
    activities - Coordinate and lead Quality relevant activities and workshop according
    internal processes - Communicate and negociate with customer for Quality topics -
    Ensure two way communication between Development team and Supplier
    Performance Engineers.
    • Quality goals: Special and Critical characteristics are established
    • Regulation requirements are respected
    • Manufacturing: Control Plan are established according Quality goals
    • Product launch: Start of production is approved and done.
  • Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics - Quality Engineer in Engineering processes

    Colombes 2006 - 2013 Missions:
    To support teams in SPICE compliant process implementation and adaptation – To
    plan and run Software Quality audits – To track Non Conformances until closure – To
    plan and perform project milestones reviews (Plans, Deliveries) – To report to the
    Product and Quality management about Quality indicators – To contribute towards
    Processes improvement activity – To train new comers into the Quality team
    • Project Quality plans including process adaptations to the project
    • Quality audits reports and related actions plans
    • Reports for Plans and Delivery Checking reviews
    • Project’s support meetings plannings
    • KPIs about project’s process compliance
    • Involved in an internal SPICE evaluation of projects
    • trip to China and Bulgaria for Quality team members training
  • Johnson Controls Automotive Electronics - Software Project Leader

    Colombes 1997 - 2006 Missions:
    To plan and track progress of software project tasks – to interview then select new
    team members – to communicate with the Customer about technical and quality
    subjects – to report to internal shareholders about project indicators (functional and
    • Products available on the market
    • Quality reviews with the Customer (trips to Nissan Technical Center - Japan)
    • Team management, up to 10 peoples
    • Adaptation to new Software Development processes (SPICE, UML)
  • CAP GEMINI - Software Developer

    SURESNES 1986 - 1997 Missions:
    To design, develop and test software components according requirements
    • Component design reviewed and approved
    • Components developed and unitary tested with reports
    • Components delivered to the integrator
  • CETIAT then CGCT - Laboratory Technician

    1981 - 1986 Missions:
    To develop test installations for thermal, aeraulic and acoustic measurements – to
    perform related measurements and report results – to perform measurements on
    optical fibers – to develop and test electro-optical devices
    • Design and implement a chamber for extraction fan tests
    • Design and implement micro position installation (fiber/diode)
    • Software for measurement data processing and reporting (Basic)