En résumé

I just finished my studying a post graduate program in Financial Management, Project Planning and Development at the Pan African Institute for Development (PAID-WA) Buea.

It is very exciting studying something you like and working for a cause you admire.

I look forward working someday with a micro- financial institution or a developmental agency.

Mes compétences :
Credit Analysis
Customer care
Financial management
Marketing and sales
Microsoft Project
Microsoft Project Management
Monitoring and Evaluation
Monitoring and evaluation and analysis
Office administration
Risk management


  • ACA EXPERTISE - Interim Administrative and Finance Officer

    2012 - 2013 Calculate, do declaration and payment of Taxes( calculations of VAT and acompte)
    Calculate, do declarations and payment of CNPS(Establish Teledeclaration of CNPS)
    Calculate and establish pay slip of employees
    Calculate payroll deductions
    Responsible for procurement of office supplies
    Manage petite cash
    Responsible for looking for missions and tenders in respect to batch and funders
    Prepare letters, hotel and airline bookings, meetings
    Dispatch missions and tenders to project officers, giving them all the necessary information
    Update company data base, website and insert new CV’s into database and modify new CVs
    Insert job offers and tenders with references into company website
    Payment of bills ( i.e. sonel, snec, phone, internet, etc)
  • Angel Trael and Tours Agency / Fokunsoh Travel Agency - Part Time Tour Guide

    2012 - maintenant Design itineraries for tours
    Do budgeting for tours

    Carry out tours
    Advice clients on various tour products available

    Responsible for logistics and all
  • Global Network for Good Governance - Project Officer (Part Time)

    2009 - 2011 Develop monthly and yearly working plans
    Markets and prmote the activities of the organisation
    Design and manage projects
    organise workshops and seminars
    organise and manage meetings
    Come out with organisations monthly news letter


  • Pan African Institute For Development (Buea)

    Buea 2011 - 2012 Finance Management, Project planning and Development

    Professional Institution
  • Pan African Institute For Development (Buea)

    Buea 2007 - 2008 Higher Technical Diploma in Project Management and Development

    Professional Institution
  • University Of Buea (Buea)

    Buea 2002 - 2006 banking and finance


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