Abdellaziz BEN-JEBRIA


En résumé

As Former Scientist in Physiology at INSERM, and Research Professor of Bioengineering at Penn State University. I have co-authored over 85 peer-reviewed publications and 13 issued US patents.

En tant qu'ancien Chercheur Scientifique à l'INSERM, et Professeur de Recherche en Génie Biologique et Médicale à Penn State University, je suis auteur de plus de 85 publications scientifiques et co-inventeur de 13 brevets Américains.

While I continue to be professionally interested in Science, I also enjoy tranlating and writing literay books, in my own way.

Tout en restant imprégné professionnellement par un esprit scientifique, je prends maintenant plaisir à traduire et à écrire, à ma guise, des livres littéraires.


The Bioengineering Aspects of the Respiratory System: Dosimetry of Inhaled Xenobiotics; Assessment of Lung Toxicity from Air Pollutants; Pulmonary Drug Delivery using Polymeric Large and Light Porous particles for Systemic Therapy; Transdermal Drug Delivery using Low-Frequency Ultrasound Applications; Voice Prosthesis for Patients with Total Laryngectomy; Association between Obesity and Asthma.

Français, Anglais et Arabe
English, French and Arabic

Mes compétences :
Respiratory Physiology
Pulmonary Drug Delivery for Systemic Therapy
Health Effects from Air Pollution
Voice Restoration for Patients with Total Laryngec
Obesity and Asthma


  • Penn State University - Adjunct Professor and Free-Consultant in Bio-Medical Engineering

    2010 - maintenant
  • Medical School of Sousse - Tunisia - Fulbright Professor

    2007 - 2008 Lecturing/Research: taught graduate courses and conducted a research project on the association between obesity and asthma.
  • Advanced Inhalation Research (AIR), (acquiered by: - Cambridge, USA - Director of Animal Studies/Principal Scientist

    1998 - 1999 Managed personnel and supervised studies on pulmonary insulin delivery to animal, using polymeric light and large porous particles for systemic therapy (patented technology).
  • The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pennsylvania - USA - Professor

    1992 - 2010 Research: designed non-invasive methods for quantitative assessment of health effects from air pollutants on humans; developed unique techniques and devices for pulmonary drug (insulin) delivery using polymeric large and light porous particles for systemic therapy; conceived a non-invasive in-vivo method for transdermal drug delivery: more than 80 publications and 13 patents.

    Teaching/Advising: taught, advised and supervised undergraduate and graduate chemical engineering, bioengineering and physiology students.
  • The Pennsylvania State University, University Park - USA - Visiting Scientist

    1987 - 1990 Conducted Research Projects on: high-frequency ventilation in-vitro and in-vivo lung models; development of fast-responding chemiluminescent and thermionic pollutants analyzers for respiratory applications.
  • National Institute of Health and Medical Research (INSERM) - Paris & Bordeaux - Research Scientist

    1980 - 1998 Conducted Research Projects on: quantitative assessment of lung mechanics; modeling of gas transport in the upper and central airways; measurement of smooth muscle contractile response to pollutants exposure; determination of respiratory water loss in asthmatic children; evaluation of an original voice prosthesis for laryngectomized patients.
  • University of Paris 5 - Part-Time Assistant Professor

    1977 - 1980 Taught Mathematics and Physics to Students in Medicine



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