En résumé


J'interviens dans les PME qui ont besoin de redresser leur CA et d'augmenter leur marge.

Indepth experience of organisations , teams,
entrepreneurs and C levels executives coaching.

Master the construction of your Future
Through connecting MANAGERS actions with - - - CEO'S strategy

Self-determined and trust sensitive mutlticultural advisor and business excutive coach working in French, English, Spanish and German.

Owner and Founder at Connec’sens® Paris
Advisor, mentor and excutive coach for CEO'S, managing directors and thier teams
Main expertises in strategy, organization, leadership and professional development.
Certfied Coach in Transactional Analysis , Process Com and Quality Team

Gain time & enhance team spirit
Improve balance between short and long term achievements
Increase sales, collective performance towards customers and results.
Improve managerial and operational excellence.

• Listen deeply to people and provide usefull feed-back to enable awareness
• Communicate smartly and motivate to decide and start action
• Fuel energy and enthusiasm to engage people

Senior executives coaching from strategy design to operational implementation, transformation projects, decisions taking, motivation & engagement enhancement, collaborative leadership development, career transition and onboarding, managerial innovation.

- Transactionnal analysis
- Process Communication Management and Quality Team
- Decision Making
- Organisational and multicultural teams coaching
- Personal and business development

H'Cort Performance, Ibermapping, Humanitud, Parcours d'emergence, Motivalence

Our customers activities stand in B to B services, medical clinics, B to B to C services, distributors and franchisees, manufacturers focussed on "solutions & services",consulting firms, entrepreneurs, top performers sportsmen , business schools and start-ups.

We organize 5 to 6 conference-dinners per year , on topics ranging from strategy, organisation, management, human capital to Leadership

Mes compétences :
International project management
Stratégie d'entreprise
International relations
Performance management
Team building
Networking !!!
Intelligence collective
Leadership of multidisciplinary teams
Public speaking
Coaching d'équipe
Coaching de dirigeants
Management consultant
Executive Coaching


  • CONNEC'SENS - Owner and Founder

    JOUY EN JOSAS 2009 - maintenant Our vocation is to help you develop your personal and professional skills and ability to succeed in a complex and fast moving environnment.

    Together we create a space of trust in which you can enhance your internal resources, share insights, stimulate your creativity... and move forward to achieve your objectives.

    Our specific approach is that we can switch from consulting to coaching techniques at your request and use everything you’ve experienced in the past to create a better future for yourself and for your business aligned with your vision.

    Mentor at the HEC Executive MBA, french and english tracks, since 2008.
    Founder of the Connec'Sens Business Club in 2009 , organizing yearly 5 to 6 conference-dinners events.
  • HUMANITUD - Associate Director

    2009 - 2010 Design & engineer training programs and train managers on their behaviors, leadership postures and communication styles to enhance their performance.
  • ITG - Transition Management & Executive Mentor

    75008 2009 - maintenant Transition Management and Executive Mentoring, ITG - HEC

    Executive Mentoring at HEC Executive MBA 2008 - 2009 for participants individual projects
    Transition Management : France and Spain based organisations
  • ITG - HEC Paris - ESCIA CCI Versailles - Operational & Financial Management & Training - Mentoring

    2008 - 2009 Executive Mentoring at HEC Executive MBA
    Strategic, Financial and Operational Management assignments in
    Spain and France through ITG.
    Visiting professor at Escia ( Strategy,Controlling, Performance monitoring projects and HR courses in Master 1)
  • SR PERFORMANCE - Managing Director

    2008 - maintenant Socially Responsible Performance offers you Management and Consulting solutions to increase your business performance and profitability through EMIB actions :

    ==> E : Engaging your teams towards your selected strategy
    ==> M : Making your clients satisfied & loyal to your services
    ==> I : Improve your organization & processes
    ==> B : Boosting your Knowledge Management Productivity

    The EMIB action plan will be tailored to your specific needs , then launched and monitored on a sustainable basis
  • L&R Performance Management - Director

    2008 - maintenant Director, L&R Performance Management
    Lean and Responsible Performance Management services for companies developping their activities in France or in Foreign Markets and
    looking for:

    - Increasing business performance
    - Improving organisation & processes
    - Improving cross-functions work efficiency

    - Engaging their teams towards a new direction
    - Improving quality & customer satisfaction
    - Enhancing & Measuring alignment between strategy and actions

    - Driving strategic actions implementation through Balanced Scorecards

    The EMIB action plan will be tailored to your specific needs , then launched and monitored on a sustainable basis

    References : Accor North America , IFA , Accor , CWT , Argon consulting
  • ACCOR - Compagnie des Wagons-lits España - Director

    2007 - 2007 Actividad : Restauracion a bordo de los trenes
    Desarollo y Optimización de CWL España.
    Secteur : Turismo
  • Compagnie des Wagons-lits Espagne - Madrid - Business Consultant

    2006 - 2008 Activité : Restauration à bord des trains
    Conseil auprés de la Direction Générale Espagne en organisation, management et ressources humaines puis coaching opérationnel des équipes.
  • ACCOR North America - HR Consultant

    Paris 2006 - 2006 Based in Dallas at the Accor Hotels North America Training Center. Over a short period of time, I managed to increase the Academy Training Center visibility and implemented new Marketing tools rapidly adopted by the Academy Trainers.
    I also contributed to a partnership with UTD ( University Texas Dallas )
  • CWT Mexico - Director General

    2002 - 2006 Actividad : Agencias de viajes para empresas

    Crecimiento de las ventas anuales : De 40 a 75 M USD
    Fidelización de nuestros clientes .
    Firma de mejores acuerdos con las Companias Aerias y hoteleras
    Formación y motivación de nuestro personal.

    Mejora de nuestra propuesta de valor para nuestros clientes y de nuestra rentabilidad.
    Optimización del desempeño empresarial y de la motivación de nuestros ejecutivos y empleados.
    Crecimiento de la notoriedad de CWT Mexico.
  • CWT Mexique - Mexico - Directeur Général

    2001 - 2006 Directeur General CWT Mexique
    Activité : Voyages d'Affaires

    I turned around this company in the first 2 years , which was faced with both clients and talents drain and with important losses.

    Then I put together a solid & performant management team by getting on board top profesionnals or promoting talented individuals with potential.

    I spend time listening to them, sharing ideas and transmitting knowledge.
    Doing this enabled me to improve rapidly both operational efficiency and clients loyalty .

    I managed to double our anual invoived sales over a 4-year period , increasing dratically benefits provided to our customers, our company profitability and cash-flow as well as our top of mind brand image.
  • CWT EMEA - Paris - Directeur des projets EMEA

    1999 - 2001 Développement de projets pour améliorer la performance économique et la satisfaction clients des filiales Europe
  • CWT EMEA - Paris - - Director Proyectos Transversales

    1999 - 2001 Desarollo de un proyecto para mejorar el desempeño empresarial y los resultados.
  • Carlson Wagonlit Travel Allemania - Frankfurt - - Director General Adjunto

    1996 - 1999 Desarollo de la empresa en sus aspectos operacionales y financieros así como relacional con los stakeholders
  • CWT Allemagne - Francfort - Directeur Général Adjoint

    1996 - 1999 Amélioration de l'organisation et de la performance économique de l'entreprise
  • PANNONIA Hotels - Hungria - Budapest - Director Financiero

    1993 - 1996
  • General de Restaurantes España - Barcelona - - Director Financiero

    1989 - 1993
  • ACCOR S.A - Director Auditoria Interna

    1987 - 1989
  • ACCOR - Paris / Barcelone / Budapest - Directeur Administratif et Financier

    1982 - 1996 93- 96 : DAF/DRH de Pannonia Hotels Hongrie - Budapest
    89- 93 : DAF de General de Restaurantes España - Barcelone
    82- 89 : Auditeur puis Directeur de l'Audit Interne - Paris


  • HEC

    Paris 2001 - 2002 EMBA - Strategy focus
  • European Business School E.B.S. (Paris)

    Paris 1978 - 1981 Paris , Londres et Francfort