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  • Honda of the UK Manufacturing - Soft trim buyer

    Marne la Vallée 2007 - maintenant HONDA OF THE UK MANUFACTURING – Purchasing department – Swindon- UK

    In charge of a portfolio of £ 55 000 000 : Soft trim (carpet, rear shelf, roof lining...), insulation…

    •Negotiation on current models (06 Civic and 07 CR-V): £ 1,600,000 savings per year despite unfavourable conditions (raw material, energy cost increase):
    o Deep cost studies with regular checks at supplier’s facilities to understand and optimise their costs (cycle time check, material usage, layout improvement…) and achieve Honda cost reduction target.
    o Introduction of new technologies allowing to achieve better performance (weight, quality) at a better cost (for instance, honeycomb structure instead of plywood for the CR-V lid cargo floor).
    o Re-sourcing activities on suppliers more expensive than other competitors and not willing to co-operate to improve their competitiveness.
    o Benchmarking activities to continually get a good understanding of the market and the different supplier’s competitiveness.

    • Project management through “face lift” model change (08 and 09 Civic, 10CR-V):

    o Negotiations on all the different cost implications due to design change
    o Cost reductions ideas submitted to Japanese designers to get more cost efficient designs
    o Supplier management to make sure we get prototypes or new parts in time according to the Honda schedule.

    • Strategy elaboration on my category in order to reduce the cost by 20% for the future Honda cars: CIVIC 2011 and CR-V 2012:

    o Large sourcing phase and selection of the most competitive suppliers and the most interesting technologies.
    o Design to cost with designers in Japan: Trip to Japan to review the parts during the design phase, submit improvement ideas and get an optimised part for our new model in terms of cost, weight and technology.
    o Local assembly study to reduce logistic cost
    o Lead regular meetings with internal customers (Production, quality, logistic…) to agree on strategic and operational sourcing decisions.
  • Volvo Powertrain Sweden - Buyer

    Saint Priest 2005 - 2007 VOLVO POWERTRAIN – purchasing department - Gothenburg – Sweden

    In charge of a portfolio of 30 000 000 €: Bushings&Bearings, valve set, air compressor…
    • Long term global strategy development for my purchasing segments between 2009-2013 (Euro5/US10 regulations) for all the plants worldwide (Sweden, France, USA, Brazil)
    • Sourcing in low cost countries (supplier audit in Taiwan, switch project in India)
    • Negotiation : 1 600 000 € savings per year that is 8% of reduction on the negotiated portfolio (5% on the global portfolio)
  • L'Oreal - Production internship

    PARIS 2004 - 2004 L’OREAL - production department - Vichy - France
    Optimisation of manufacturing output (internship)
    • Applied Productive Maintenance to two manufacturing platforms: Managed a team of 6 people to execute each method stage and the final action plan, supervised its setup
    • Implemented a SMED (Single Minute Exchange Die) on a high rate packing line for shampoos: Managed a team of 10 people, assured each method stage
    => Final results outperformed expectations: 70% time saving



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