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Product Development
Risk Analysis
Pain management
Market analysis
Stent development
Product pipeline development
Team Management
Risk Management
Project planning
Project Management
Powder Processing
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  • Helbling Technik - Project Manager

    2014 - maintenant

    2013 - 2014 * Responsibilities:

    Sustained release product development
    * Development for the veterinarian market of a sustained release morphinic product to treat pain from 1 to 7 days. ;
    * Research collaboration with academic partners (In-vivo and In-vitro) ;
    * Regulatory process analysis
    * IP (FTO, patentability)
    Startup creation developing dedicated medical products for the veterinary market.
    * Market needs identification ;
    * Market analysis in fields of laboratory animals, horse and companion animals ;
    * Fund raising, entrepreneurial challenges

    * Achievements:

    3 days sustained release analgesic treatment:
    * Exploration of different sustained release technologies: Hydrogel, Biodegradable coating, lipophilic-based formulation. ;
    * In-vivo experimentations: 2 pilots studies on mice (Zurich University) and 1 pilot study on horses (Bern Veterinary Faculty). ;
    * In-vitro collaborative project with UNIGE
    Business development:
    * License agreement negotiation, FTO analysis ;
    * Identification of a strong market need on sustained analgesic treatment. Market potential of 100M CHF for laboratory animals; 2B CHF for companion animals ;
    * Business plan and Fund raising: venture kick, SGV, CTI coaching, CTI innovation cheque ;
  • Biosensors International - PROJECT MANAGER, R&D & BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT

    Paris 2011 - 2012 * Responsibilities:

    Project Manager of a research program on biodegradable product in interventional cardiology
    * Product development of fully absorbable stent under design control ;
    * Alloy production and Metal forming for platform manufacturing ;
    * Initiation of collaboration programs with EPFL and external companies ;
    * Budget and team management
    Market analysis in the cardio vascular field:
    * Technologies and markets assessment for Business Development VP. ;
    * Investigation for new products distribution or company/technology acquisition.

    * Achievements:

    Biodegradable project:
    * Setup a lab with In-vitro and mechanical test characterization ;
    * Comparative study of various commercial available material ;
    * Production of several alloys for stent application ;
    * Development of 2 collaborations with EPFL laboratories with patents opportunity ;
    * Collaboration with several local companies to enhance the development of our product ;
    * 2 engineers, 2 students and one PhD managed in the frame of this project
    Market analysis on Drug Eluting Balloon:
    * Market study: Competitive products, Actual market, Current clinical indications ;
    * Market modelization to estimate the potential revenue for the following years. ;
  • Biosensors International - PRODUCT MANAGER, GLOBAL MARKETING

    Paris 2010 - 2011 * Responsibilities:

    * International manager on upstream marketing for drug eluting stent development (BioMatrix™/BioMatrix Flex/ BioMatrix Flex long) and CE approval. ;
    * Global responsible on upstream marketing for product pipeline development ;
    * EMEA responsible of distributions products, reporting to the European managing director, (ASAHI Intecc., SIS Medical, Access Closure) distributed in several European countries. ;
    * Project leader for new packagings and IFUs for the Biosensors International product line.

    * Achievements:

    Development and Launched of BioMatrix Flex™ and BioMatrix Flex long sizes:
    * Transversal work with Regulatory Affairs, R&D and Manufacturing for products development: Design input, risk analysis and product distribution ;
    * Determine market potential and forecast ;
    * Marketing plan
    Products pipeline development:
    * Customer requirement and Risk analysis of BioFreedomTM drug coated stent ;
    * Involved in a task force defining a road map for future products development ;
    Launched of distribution products in France, United kingdom, Switzerland and Germany:
    * Defining an internal process for third line products distribution ;
    * Market analysis and planning of products launch ;
    * Ordering and forecast ;
    Ensured technical support and trainings of the sales force.

    2006 - 2009 * Responsibilities:

    Responsible for the feasibility study and technology development of a nano-structured ceramic coating for drug eluting stent; Focused on coating synthesis and mechanical stability.
    Developed relationship with academic labs to support R&D projects.

    * Achievements:


  • Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne (Lausanne)

    Lausanne 2006 - 2010 Doctorate

    * PhD in materials sciences, «Ecole polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne'' (EPFL), Lausanne, Switzerland, 2010 : ``Ceramic coating for deformable medical implants such as stents''
    Thesis director: Professor Heinrich Hofmann
  • Polytech' Lyon

    Lyon 2003 - 2006 Engineer degree ( master level) in material sciences

    * Engineer degree (master level) in materials sciences specialized in biomaterials, Polytech Lyon,
  • Université De Savoies

    Annecy 2001 - 2003 "Technicien supérieur"

    * Technical degree (BAC+2) in physic-chemical measurements specialized in materials sciences, ``Université des Savoies'',
  • Lycée Mont Blanc Rene Dayve

    Passy 2000 - 2001 bac s