Résultats examens 2023

En résumé

- Highly motivated by biomedical technologies, would like to innovate in that field
- French engineer from a top “grande école” with a MSc in biomedical engineering
- Readily work in international environments (2 years of research experience and study in the USA/the UK)

Mes compétences :
Biomedical Engineering
Cell culture
Medical Imaging
Microsoft Project
Project Planning


  • EOS Imaging - Systems Engineer

    Paris 2013 - maintenant
  • Imperial College London - Researcher

    London 2011 - 2011 Master thesis in Pr. Molly Stevens group at the Institute for Biomedical Engineering
     Designed, synthesized and characterized a self-assembling peptide hydrogel that can be functionalized with synergistic ligands whose spacing is tailorable
     Developed a MATLAB routine to calculate this spacing
     Investigated the feasibility of high throughput combinatorial assay of extra-cellular matrix proteins effect on stem cell differentiation
     Techniques: solid state peptide synthesis with multiple orthogonal protection schemes, cell culture, mass spectrometry, high performance liquid chromatography, rheology, diffraction light scattering, Fourier transform infrared spectrometry, microspotting with a microarrayer
  • University of California Berkeley - Researcher

    2010 - 2010 ENPC thesis in Pr Paulo J.M. Monteiro material research group
     Constructed a concrete gas permeability test apparatus, and developed a concrete durability testing toolbox
     Conducted durability testing of high volume fly ash self-consolidating concrete and modeled service life depending on environment conditions
     Trained and supervised an undergraduate student responsible for carrying out the tests
     Proposed a new method of analysis of gas permeability results
     Analyzed the environmental impact of this new concrete.
  • TRIBU - Project manager trainee

    2008 - 2009 Consulting in sustainable development for the built environment.
     Advised architects at various stage of their project to optimise winter/summer comfort and environmental impact by adjusting ground plan, envelope and construction materials. Project examples: Easter Island airport, council housing in Paris, Gard headquarters
     Won with the design team an architectural design competition
     Supervised the implementation of sustainable features of housing units on the construction site
     Assessed energy consumption by dynamic thermal modelling
     Developed several VBA tools to assist design of sustainable buildings (including preliminary design tool for urban wind turbines and estimation of the annual impact of shade on solar gains)


  • Imperial College London (Londres)

    Londres 2010 - 2011 MSc with distinctions

    Biomedical Engineering - Biomechanics major
    Classes in Cellular Biomechanics, Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Neuromuscular Control, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

    Core modules
    Biomedical Imaging, Health and Safety and Regulatory Requirements for Medical Devices, Journal Club, Systems Physiology, Statistics and Data Analysis, Biomechanics, Healthcare economics
  • University Of California, Berkeley (Berkeley)

    Berkeley 2009 - 2010 Exchange year

    Civil Engineering - Structural Engineering and Materials - Classes taken in the civil engineering department
    Structural Design in Timber, Structural Analysis Theory and Applications, Civil Engineering Materials, Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering

    Classes audited in the bioengineering department
    Physiology for Engineers, Structural Aspects of Biomaterials, Cellular and Tissue Engineerin
  • Ecole Des Ponts ParisTech

    Paris 2006 - 2010 Diplôme d'Ingénieur

    Focus on Transportation Engineering, Energy and climate, Sustainability in Civil Engineering - General engineering classes in Mechanics, Computer science, Advanced Mathematics, Business and Economics
  • Lycée Louis Le Grand

    Paris 2004 - 2006 "Classe préparatoire MP" - intensive 2 year course with a focus on Mathematics and Physics aiming at preparing students for "grande écoles" entrance competitive exam


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