Bernard TIXIER


En résumé


Learning & Development Consultant
After retiring in February 2012 from General Trg Mgr at Michelin

Corporate General Training Manager at MICHELIN + Reponsible for the Learning & Development Michelin Group Information Systems (LMS, Intranets, Learning distristribution databases,...)
General Engineering Manager at Michelin
Shops manager at Michelin
OGEP truck tyre & airplane green design Mgr at Michelin
Construction site Manager at Michelin


EDHEC Business School
Ecole spéciale des Travaux publics, du Bâtiment et de l'Industrie


Project management : complex, international, fast track and high value (10 to 100 m$) plant construction projects (buildings, utilities and material handling systems

Team management : teams of technicians and engineers up to 18 direct reports; and areas of responsibility up to 150 people (2 hierarchy levels)

Training and other HR tools design and worldwide deployment.
Economy and finance training : business games, value creation, ... up to 30 000 trainees
Management barometer : company specific on line 180° questionnaire, 70 questions, 13 languages, 4 000 managers, 25 000 + respondants, ...
Corporate General and Management competency referentials elaboration
Management training : 1rst time managers standard 11 days training program, other high level training

Quality management : Taguchi, Deming and Juran approaches in the US applied to green tyre design; deployment of total quality management training at corporate and worldwide scale


Project management with experience in plant construction (11 years), training programs and other HR projects (corporate training site, competency referentials, ...)management barometer,...) (11 years),

Mes compétences :
Conduite de projets
Information Management
Management equipe
Systèmes d'Information


  • MICHELIN - Responsable Formation Générale Corporate

    FERRAND 1998 - maintenant Experience

    Corporate General Training Manager
    July 1998 – Present (11 years 6 months)
    In charge of Group general training : defining strategy and policies (languages, PC skills,...), designing and facilitaning deployment of corporate programs (finance for non financial, interpersonnal communication,...).
    Facilitation of several training and HR projects : Training Passport, Management Barometer, General and Management competencies referentials,...

    General Engineering Manager
    September 1992 – June 1998 (5 years 10 months)
    Management of the general engineering department in charge of design, and construction of new facilities (mainly production facilities) and expansion of existing ones. Scope : from lay-out design of the facilities to the 1rst tyre, for building, utilities and material handling systems. Plant built in US (SC), Canada (Nova Scotia), China, Thailand, Poland, Hungary and France ...

    Shops manager
    September 1989 – July 1992 (2 years 11 months)
    Leading several shops (overall 150 people) located in different plants, making short and reactive series of tires for test and industrial trial purposes

    OGEP truck tyre & airplane green design Mgr
    April 1983 – July 1989 (6 years 4 months)
    Manager of "green designers" in the truck drop center and airplane tyres field, in France and, in 88 and 89, in the UK .

    Construction site Manager
    December 1976 – July 1982 (5 years 8 months)

    Civil engineer in charge of construction projects in France, moved in 80 to North America (Nova Scotia - Canada) where in charge of the construction site of a 1 million square feet tire plant (Michelin Waterville Truck Tyre Plant).