Bertrand BAUDET


En résumé

* Development of a small Linux distribution to build a NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliance.
* Cross compilation and Integration of OSS packages (UBoot, Linux, Busybox, Samba, Netatalk...)
* Development of Linux device drivers for the SoC (ARM/PPC) platforms.
* Interface with the hardware team.

* Setup of:
** Subversion server for source control and revision.
** A Wiki for cooperative documentation of projects.
** A bug tracking to interface with the R&D, QA, Support teams.

Key personal competencies
* Highly motivated,
* Rigour and method,
* Resistance to stress
Linux embedded system development, Linux device drivers, SoC (ARM/PPC), Server and network Architecture,

Mes compétences :


  • SFR - Architecte Logiciel STB

    2010 - maintenant Développement STB
  • Zoran - Senior Software Engineer, Embedded Development

    2007 - 2010 I was hired by Let It Wave in 2007 which was acquired by Zoran in June 2008.

    SoC firmware development - Real-Time system
    ASIC conception for HDTV
    Help in CPU boot in simulation by waveform analyze and related PC/instruction in MIPS assembly.

    Involved in a proprietary multi-threaded micro-kernel development on MIPS M4K

    Boot: ROM, bootstrap, cruntime (MIPS assembly);
    OS scheduling, pagination, drivers: DDR, LVDS, PLL, GDB agent, I2C, SPI

    Unitary tests, bringup, debug HW, debug using BDI2000 JTAG.

    Involved in a group to study the migration process from SVN to Perforce.
    File layout reorganization in the SVN/Perforce depots.

    Sys-admin replacement for Zoran France

    * Audit and refactorization of existing code base.
    * Development of SDK for client ease of integration.
    * Development of an embedded sequencer for an HD Optimizer.

    Developers tools installation/configuration:
    * SVN post-commit configuration
    * Trac
    * Mailing list
  • LaCie - Software development engineer

    Paris 2003 - 2007 Developped Linux embedded NAS devices - Project lead.
    * U-Boot customization.
    * Linux device drivers development.
    * Cross compilation of OSS packages.
    * BDI2000 JTAG debugger.
    * C/C++ cross platform development.
    Developers tools administrator - Configuration for Active Directory support:
    * SVN / CVS
    * MediaWiki
    * Trac
  • Static Inc / Blue Falcon Networks (Los Angeles - USA) - Senior Software Engineer

    2000 - 2003 * Development of P2P network stack for audio/video streaming.
    * Reverse engineered of streaming protocol.
    * Technics of firewall travesal for audio/video streaming.
    * Development of Audio/Chat messenger.
    * C/C++ cross platform development.
    * CVS administrator
  • UPC - Maintenance Informatique

    1999 - 1999 * Setup & repair employees computers.
    * Creation of users' account on Novell Netware 3.11, windows NT4, exchange.