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Passing an Engineer Diploma specializing in Microelectronics and a Ph.D specializing in Micro and Nano Technologies, I acquired during year 2012 further skills in computer science in particular, Decisional Informatics (Business Objects XIR3, MPL Modeling System, Open Office Solver, Operations Research), Graph Theory, Algorithm and C language, JAVA (Eclipse), Web Technologies (HTML, CSS, PHP), Data Mining (Weka Data Mining Software), Data Bases (MySQL), Software Engineering (Data Flow Diagram, Structured charts, State Machines, Petri Nets, Software Quality, Visual Paradigm for UML, SADT, MERISE, Flow Graph, MCT, MOT, PERT, COCOMO), Statistics, Software and Web Ergonomics, Operating Systems and Shell Scripts.

Currently, I'm looking for an Engineer position to work on multidisciplinary projects covering a wide range of applications and to further my knowledge and experience in the fields of informatics (Java/Web technologies or decisional), microelectronics, chip design, microsystems or micro and nanotechnologies.

Mes compétences :
Technical writing
Research of information
Team worker
Programming language


  • EXANOV - Web Development Engineer

    Lille 2012 - maintenant Developed Ocazoo's Internet Web site (, a company specialized in second hand professional materials.
    Development in PHP 5 with CAKEPHP Framework under ECLIPSE PHP and SVN Server (Subclipse) for teamwork.
  • Institut d'Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN) - Ph.D Student

    2005 - 2010 Conception, Fabrication and Characterization of Micro and Nanofluidic Electrospray Sources using Silicon Technology
    Research carried out during my Ph.D consisted in the conception of new miniaturized silicon electrospray sources integrable in LOC for proteins analysis by mass spectrometry to understand changes in proteins expression as they can be used as a biological indicator for illnesses and drug therapeutic effects estimation. I had the possibility to lead this project and control every step from conception to fabrication whereas I was not a specialist in microfluidics or biology. A bibliographic synthesis establishing the state of the art of existing devices permitted to propose innovating and original devices being five to fifty times more sensitive, having a flow rate five to twenty times smaller and a working voltage five times smaller compared to standard sources on market at present. It was also the opportunity to learn how to design masks with Cadence (layout), to make use of new lithography (UV and e-beam) and RIE etching fabrication processes, to implicate myself in the maintenance of some equipments used during the technologic fabrication in the clean room, to develop an experimental set up for characterization of my devices, to write documents on the project progress (meeting reports, publications in scientific reviews, etc.…), to present my work during international conferences. Moreover, I also had the opportunity to grow my programming skills during projects (C language), numerous teaching hours (Assembler on ST7 microcontroller) or else simulations using finite element method.
  • Institut Supérieur de l'Electronique et du Numérique (ISEN) - Graduate Teaching Assistant

    2004 - 2009 Supervised undergraduate engineering students during practical work in Electronics.
    • Learned students cabling circuits, using instruments of measurements
    • Graded tests

    Developed and taught Microcontrollers courses (ST7 developed by ST Microelectronics) for undergraduate engineering students.
    • Presentation of the architecture and working of the device (memories, CPU, peripherals...)
    • Learned students programming microcontrollers in Assembler through practical work
    • Wrote and graded tests
  • Institut Catholique d'Arts et Métiers (ICAM) - Hired University Tutor

    2004 - 2007 Advised, mentored and graded undergraduate engineering students in Physics for the preparation of entry exams to top universities
  • Direction Générale de l'Armement (DGA) - Research Engineer

    PARIS 2004 - 2005 Designed test structures for damage mechanisms study of Microsystems
  • Laminés Marchands Européens (LME) - Trainee Intern

    2003 - 2003 Conducted the integration study of the steelworks’ furnace regulation system in an automaton.
    Advised technicians on the possibilities.
  • Institut d'Electronique, de Microélectronique et de Nanotechnologie (IEMN) - Master Trainee

    2003 - 2004 Fabrication and Characterization of Capacitive RF MEMS Switches
  • Laminés Marchands Européens (LME) - Summer Intern

    2000 - 2002 Analyzed, tested faulty electronics boards and repaired them, tidied up the warehouse, brought automatons’ inputs/outputs up to date, performed flow measurement with ultrasound probe, putted in of new material


  • Institut Des Sciences Et Techniques De Valenciennes

    Valenciennes 2012 - 2013 Master 2

    Further Skills in Computer Science - Object-Oriented Programming (Java), Relational Databases(MySQL), Web Technologies (PHP, HTML, CSS), Algorithm and C Language, Decisional Informatics, Graph Theory, Research Operations, Networks, Software Engineering, Statistics, Ergonomics, Operating Systems.
  • Université Lille 1 Sciences Et Technologies

    Villeneuve D'Ascq 2005 - 2010 Ph.D

    Micro and Nano Technologies, Acoustics and Telecommunications - • Devices fabrication using silicon-based microtechnology: wet/dry oxidation, spin coating of photoresists, optical photolithography, E-Beam nanolithography, deposition of materials, wet/dry etching, Focused Ion Beam.
    • Materials characterization techniques: profilometry, Scanning Electron Microscopy, ellipsometry, interferometry, Ato
  • Université Lille 1 Sciences Et Technologies

    Villeneuve D'Ascq 2003 - 2004 Master 2

    Microwaves and Microtechnologies - Conception of CMOS Analogic Integrated Circuits
  • Institut Supérieur D'Electronique Et Du Numérique

    Lille 1998 - 2004 Engineer Diploma

    Microelectronics - Maths, Physics, Electronics, Communications, Signals and Systems, Computer Science, Human Sciences, Management.


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