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En résumé

Four key things I wanted of life met in Medical Devices - the desire to be a Doctor, the love of making things, fun in building teams & satisfaction in devising successful strategies.

Beliefs :
"Limitations are a Blessing! "TRUST" is valuable than anything else, "Lifes" are valuable, handle with care! Achievers often swim against the current."

When mind started producing ideas both in product and management in each instant, I decided to do an MBA to check and validate those ideas.

Two projects were done in Medical Devices as the part of the above validation, one of them was welcomed internationally.
a) Business plan and evaluation of the pediatric medical device market in Europe.
b) Strategic Plan for Operations and Product development for a 158 billion potential Health Care Market (UN Stats). The link is give below. #stats

Medical Device Dreams Continue, so does my Innovative Mind, I am open to sharing, career and for partnering. You are Welcome !

Mes compétences :
Business development
Emerging markets
ISO 9001
Medical device
Plant Design
Product Development
Quality System
R&D Management
Senior management


  • CYIENT LTD - Consultant - Développement des affaires (contrat médical R & D et fabrication)

    2014 - maintenant • Develop CYIENT’s global service preposition for Medical Devices industry
    • Develop expansion strategy for existing medical business accounts.
    • Develop techno-commercial proposals for specific projects and accounts
    • Bid positioning and pricing for global projects.
  • CYIENT LTD - Gestion du programme de R & D - Diagnostic In Vitro

    2014 - 2014 • Management of 9 projects from 4 programs: Lead team consisting of 64 engineers (electronics, mechanical and software) on commercial and NPD aspects of medical device development & delivery.
    • Techno commercial business discussions & customer engagement.
    • Internal Quality Systems and Standardization Process (BESt) implementation
  • GE Healthcare - Pricing Analyst (Intern)

    2011 - 2011 Pricing Analysis and Positioning of diagnostic imaging modality in the Europe, Middle East, Central Asia and African region.
  • MBA Participant at Ecole des Ponts - ENPC, Paris (Full time 2009 - 2010) - Consultant &

    Commercialization plans for negative pressure wound treatment systems.

    Product Development and Testing for Laparoscopic Device Project “ARCHER”

    WHO, Switzerland, Consultant – Innovative Medical Devices

    NHSRC, Govt of India, Consultant – Product Testing and NPD capability assessment.

    Ariset Medicals & Ventures, Nigeria, Consultant – Product Feasibility

    Lakshmi Life Sciences (LMW Group), India, Consultant – NPD Strategy

    Sawatani Rubbers, Indo - Japanese JV, Consultant – NPD Strategy

    SEESHA, India, Consultant – Product Development & Sourcing

    myeasydocs, Israel, India, Singapore & Dubai, Consultant – Marketing & Corporate Communication

    MBA in Technology : Completed Successfully with two projects in Medical Devices
    Negative Pressure wound systems launched by "Silicone Technologies" as start-up enterprise.
    Developing myeasydoc's marketing communication as a startup company to a medium sized company and expanding across Europe & Asia.
  • CSI College of Engineering - Mechanical Department - Alumni Volunteer & Lecturer Mechanical Department

    2008 - 2008 RESPONSIBILITY
    Pioneer the ‘INVO’ program, Design a parallel method of Industrial exposure along with curriculum, Teach the students Mechanical Subjects & Build them up industrially, Build Industry Partnership.

    Pioneered Brain Child program termed “INVO”.
    Introduced Team Learning methodology in Mechanical Department
  • BMCH-CED - Manager Projects

    2008 - 2009 RESPONSIBILITY
    Medical Device Project : Envision pioneer and develop the Technology Base, Design Concept Development & Approval, Project Planning, Financial & Budget Allocation.

    Interim Administrator of the Hospital(Parent Organisation)- 6 months: Board Member, Hospital Turn around Team Member, Redesign Hospital Administrative System, Budgeting and Monitoring, IT integration, Patient Insurance Marketing Decisions,Handle sensitive customer issues like deaths.

    Developed and transferred technology for suction dressing of wounds.
    Developed and completed the prototyping of the ARCHER concept for laproscopic accessories.
    Redesigned the Quality Systems & Administrative system of the entire hospital to increase profits by 4%.
    Managed an 15-16 working hours role with out breaking down.
  • TTK Healthcare Ltd, (Heart Valve Division) - Engineer - Heart Valve Division

    2005 - 2008 RESPONSIBILITY
    Multiple Projects : Q S Design & Certification – CE, MHRA, ISO 9001 & 13485 (Internal Audits, Training New Internal Auditors, Vendor Monitoring, Process Optimization, New Product Development - Testing & Evaluation).

    Supply Chain & Production Planning, NPD,Design Optimization of Product, AMC, New Plant Commissioning, Capital Purchase – Tendering, Negotiations & Order Finalization.

    Streamlined an acute production planning and Supply Chain crisis which lasted for around 7 months.
    Introduced Latching Teams to develop QS confirming to CE, MHRA & ISO standards.
  • Kazi Industries - Engineer - Vendor Development & QC

    2004 - 2004 RESPONSIBILITY
    Supply Chain development, Quality Control of Components, Customer Relation (QC issues).

    Introduced CAPA in production
    Monitored vendors & onsite client QC issues related to aerospace components
  • Microtek CNC - CAD/CAM Engineer & Unit In-Charge

    2004 - 2005 RESPONSIBILITY
    Unit In Charge - Shop Floor Management, Quality Monitoring, Production Scheduling, 2D & 3D CNC Programming, Customer Relation.

    Reduced the production cycle time by 11%
    Introduced proactive customer service and increased the product line
  • D4 Surgicals - Trainee - Supply Chain Development & Marketing

    2003 - 2003 RESPONSIBILITY
    Vendor development, Customer Relations (Export) & marketing of high margin products to Hospitals & Clinics.

    Instrumental in winning the competitive bid for UN medical supplies to Iraq
    Introduced D4 make ultrasound cleaners to the market
  • Pushpagiri Agencies (IOC Agent) - Marketing Executive

    2002 - 2002 RESPONSIBILITY
    Marketing of High Pressure Natural Gas Cylinders for commercial use.

    Introduced high pressure LPG products in to the market.
    Introduced packages for high consumption and medium consumption clients.


  • Ecole Nationale Des Ponts Et Chaussées

    Paris 2009 - 2010 MBA in Technology and Entrepreneurship

    The course had a focus on Technological Business and Products

    In Technological side the course focused on:

    Business Models for Emerging Technologies,
    Marketing of Innovations and High - Tech Products,
    IT and e business integration

    and finally two projects in Medical Devices


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