François PERROT


Résultats examens 2022

En résumé

I'm currently Project Manager at Lafarge, working on the development of strategies targetting the low income segments in developing countries (also called "Base of the Pyramid") These activities are conducted in the framework of a Ph.D. in Economics at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris.

As research fellow at the Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe (ESSEC IRENE), I teach negotiation & mediation at Paris Catholic Institute, ESSEC MSc (in English), and ENA (French Government School)

I hold an MBA/Grande Ecole diploma from ESSEC Business School, and I'm alum of the UC Berkeley MBA. I also graduated from Sciences-Po Paris with a Master of research in Sociology (Centre de Sociologie des Organisations).

My research focuses on Corporate Social Responsibility, Stakeholder management (notably stakeholder panels and other participatory organizations) and the links between business strategies and poverty alleviation ("Base of the Pyramid").

In 2005, I received the McDonald's fellowship to conduct research activities with the Center for Responsible Business at UC Berkeley. Since 2007, I participate in the research activities of the Ecole Polytechnique Chair in Business Economics and Chair in Sustainable Finance and Responsible Invesment. In 2009, I attented the Oikos UNDP Young Scholar Academy on Development.

Since 2006, I teach Corporate Social Responsibility at ESC Pau Business School, and I am also in charge of a "negotiation and conflict resolution" course at Institut Catholique de Paris.

Mes compétences :
Conflict Resolution
Corporate Social Responsibility
Social responsibility


  • Lafarge - Chargé de mission - Direction de la stratégie

    Paris 2007 - maintenant - Evaluation of the market opportunity that represent low income consumers in emerging markets, identification of workable business models
    - Management of the implementation of one particular business model, using microcredit, in Indonesia (field work representing nearly 1/3 of my time), in collaboration with an international NGO and a local social enterprise
  • Lafarge - Chargé de mission

    Paris 2006 - 2007 Working for the VP Communications on the Lafarge CEO internal and external speeches.
  • UC Berkeley - Center for Responsible Business - MBA Research Fellow

    2005 - 2005 Fellowship program on CSR for Haas MBA students, sponsored by Mc Donald’s Corporation
    - Conducted interviews of McDonald’s stakeholders to understand the environmental impacts of
    McDonald’s beef supply chain
    - Presented a team report on findings and recommendations to McDonald’s executives
    - Key features published in McDonald’s 2005 worldwide CSR report
  • Institute for Research and Education on Negotiation in Europe at ESSEC - Trainer & Research Fellow

    2004 - maintenant Teaching activities
    - Instructor on negotiation
    > EPSCI and ESSEC MS : “ Negotiation seminar” in February 2006
    > Sorbonne Paris III MS in European Studies: “Negotiation and Project Management” in January and February 2006
    > Paris Catholic Institute: “Negotiation 101” in February and December 2006
    > Reconciliation workshop for Congolese leaders, in collaboration with the PNUD, the EU & the Woodrow International Center for Scholars, DR Congo, March 2006

    - Co-instructor on negotiation at ENA (French Public Government School) : “Public Negotiation Workshop” in July 2005, March 06, September 2006 and March 2007 (exp)

    Research activities
    - Co-wrote two case studies on trade negotiation for executive negotiation workshops
    - Participated in the organization of the Harvard Program on Negotiation & ESSEC IRENE Conference on Negotiation Teaching, 2005
  • Accenture - Business Analyst

    Paris 2003 - 2004 > Strategy consulting missions
    - Oversaw market analysis. Qualified potential clients by analysing several sectors and companies’ financial results
    - Defined a scorecard aimed at modelling the key financial results of an IT implementation, and calculating the success fees reversed to the firm

    > Change Management missions
    - Prepared the implementation of new organizational processes in a business unit of 1,200 people, with the co-management of a team of 17 people
    - Designed several scorecard aimed at facilitating the deployment follow-up
    - Conducted risk analysis to estimate the social impact and prevent conflicts in the processes implementation
  • Xerox France - Account Manager (Intern)

    Saint-Denis 2002 - 2002 - Responsible for the business development of 3 key accounts in the banking sector. Included customer loyalty improvement, new customer forecast, and negotiation.
    - Surpassed business objectives by 140%. Awarded for outstanding performance.
  • Ville d'Agen - Project manager

    2000 - 2000 - Conducted a survey aimed at preparing the “digital policy” of the city
    - Analysed trends and best practices in the field of e-administration


  • ESSEC Business School (Cergy Pontoise)

    Cergy Pontoise maintenant
  • Ecole Polytechnique

    Paris 2007 - 2011 Doctorat en économie

    Titre de la thèse: "Multinational Corporations at the Base of the Economic Pyramid: A Strategic Analysis Framework"
  • Institut D'Etudes Politiques

    Paris 2006 - 2007 Master of Research in Sociology
  • University Of California, Berkeley

    2005 - 2005 MBA Haas School of Business

    MBA student and Research Fellow
  • Essec (Cergy)

    Cergy 2001 - 2006


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