Frédéric BARBIER


En résumé

Développement logiciel pour systèmes électroniques.
Connaissance de plusieurs langages de programmation : C, C++, C#, VHDL, Java, PHP/MySQL, HTML/CSS, UML
Programmation des systèmes embarqués temps réel et programmation orientée objet

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Mes compétences :


  • Digital Ecosystem and Business Intelligence Institute - Intern engineer in Software Development

    2010 - maintenant Development of a system in order to reduce the energy impact of a mining camp
    - Implementation of an embedded Web server to set the configuration of the product
    - Control of air conditioning units by infrared communication
    - Creation of an Access System using RFID tags
  • Thales Services - Engineer in Software Development

    Courbevoie 2010 - maintenant
  • NSI by Altran - Intern in Software Development

    2009 - 2009 Key responsibilities :
    - Implementation of new functions for one of the products of the company
    - Creation of functions for the embedded software.
    - Update of utilities to take into account the new evolutions

    Key achievements :
    - Creation of a function of stand by mode and alarm clock to control the recorder supply from the
    embedded software.
    - Modification of the software allowing to flash the serial numbers of a recorder directly in the boot of the embedded software
    - Characterization of the performances of a recorder to know the limits of the hardware in order to avoid the loss of data
    - Implementation of a functionality using the WIFI technology to allow the recovery of data.
  • NSI - Intern in Software Development

    2007 - 2007 Key responsibilities :
    - Modification of the software of one of the products of the company
    - Evolution of characteristics of the product to follow demand of the customers
    - Validation of brought modifications

    Key achievements :
    - Creation of an advanced algorithm allowing seized of a combinative equation on a human-machine
    interface, the goal of this algorithm is to simplify, to break up and to identify according to a number
    defines of equation the equation seized defines so as to be transmitted on an embedded software
    - Modification of the Dynamic Link Library allowing to establish the link between the embedded software and computer software
    - Update of the user's documentation for the taking into account of the last characteristics
    - Creation of a database to characterise the various messages which circulate on a network so as to carry out a data processing on those.


  • Institut National Polytechnique

    Grenoble 2007 - 2010 Signal, Image, communication et multimédia

    Développement logiciel

    Première année effectuée à l'ENSERG (École Nationale Supérieure d'Électronique et de Radioélectricité de Grenoble) avant le regroupement d'écoles pour la formation PHELMA.
    Échange avec l'École technique supérieur de Montréal, Qc Canada pendant 4 mois
  • Université Chambéry Savoie (Annecy Le Vieux)

    Annecy Le Vieux 2005 - 2007 Génie électrique et Informatique industrielle

    Diplôme reçu avec le prix d'excellence

    Formation suivie à l'Institut de Technologie de l’Université d’Annecy Le Vieux (74) qui fait partie de l'université de Savoie