En résumé

PDG TIBTECH innovations; spécialiste des transferts d'énergie dans les structures souples

Vice Président de CLUBTEX , (association internationale d'industriels des textiles techniques)
en charge de la technologie


  • TIBTECH innovations - Président Directeur Général

    Bondues 2008 - maintenant (company created in 2004, but really started in mid 2008)
    * Company self founded, specialized in metallic and conductive textiles (electrical, optical and fluids) ;
    * Development and Integrator of innovative product supply fro industry (B to B) in the four following market segments :
    * Very high temperature withstanding yarns and material for filtration or glass industry, ;
    * Flexible Electro heating yarns or fabrics, for textiles or composites reinforcement. ;
    * SMART textiles, RFID, electronic applications of functional composites
  • Ugitech - Stainless steel Fiber activity Director

    Ugine 2004 - 2008 850 M EUR CA ; 2000 employee : stainless steel and special alloys long products

    * Fiber activity Director:
    * Sales and marketing managment and product development strategy.
    * Technical advisor for fiber technology processes and subcontractors chains management.
    * Multy partners research projects and direct involvement in industrial property issues .
    * Markets :High temperature industry (Car glass and hollow glass, metallurgy & transport industry, etc... ) ;
    * Sub contractors in : stretch breaking, spinning, weaving, braiding, knitting, non woven, plasturgy. ;
    * President of « journée technologique » of CLUBTEX (technical textile association) ;
    * Conferences: International MAN MADE FIBERS CONGRESS (AU), CLUBTEX (F), FACHTEX (D), .. and publication of palers in international textiles magazines (ie/ fractal fibers.)
    In April 2008, I have finalized with success the sales of the fiber activity of Ugitech to a Taiwaneese group.
  • KERMEL RHODIA - Sales and Marketing Director

    2001 - 2003 Développement de l'activité fibres thermostables pour marchés administatifs et filtration des gaz chauds
    Colmar (68) Kermel® fibers (polyamide imide) : 20M EUR CA
    "Push and Pull market" in direct contact with end users
    * 1. Fire brigade, army - protection garments (leader in Europe) ;
    * 1. Industry - Industrial protective clothing ;
    * 1. Technical : - Hot gas filtration (medium temperature range from 200 to 350°C)
    - Thermostables techncial papers and Composites for aerospace industry

    * Vice president de la FACIM, member of the GIFAT, PROMPTEX and CLUBTEX ;
  • Filature PAUL BONTE, groupe SAINT LIEVIN - Directeur Commercial et R&D

    1992 - 2001 Paul BONTE/ FSL Technical yarns high tech ( para textiles) : 12 M EUR CA (50% export)

    - Paul BONTE , technical yarns: Sales and product development manager
    Result achieved Successful specialisation of Paul Bonte entirely in technical yarns.
    Regularly growing turn over and margins
    International recognition in the field of stretch broken technical yarns

    - Saint LIEVIN, weavingyarns : sales manager,
  • La Maison de TIBELLE - Directeur Général

    1989 - 1992 * Establshment of new holding "EUROTIB" and its main exploitation company
    * Sales of the activity after 3 year (lack of interest and of develoment perspectives) ;
  • Chargeurs PJT - Spinner

    1985 - 1989 Filature et TISSAGE lainier, CA 450 MF , 800 employees

    Assistant Mill manager, Product developement and profit center manager (ameublement, fils core spun
  • Coats Patons RSA - Mill Manager

    1982 - 1985 * Plant lay out and start of a new spinning plant in Boputhatswana (100 employees) ;
    * Before, assistant Mill Manager , Patons and Baldwins , Randfontein RSA (300 employees)




    Marcq En Baroeul 1988 - 1989 CPA nord
  • Ecole Superieur Des Techniques Industrielles Et Textiles (ESTIT/HEI) (Lille)

    Lille 1976 - 1981 Ingenieur Textile