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I am happy to share with you our new generation state of the art safety systems and I am here to answer any questions you might have.

AFCAS (Advanced Forklift Collision Avoidance System)
The latest in a series of our safety solutions, Observation Post is designed to eliminate damage and injury due to collisions. The system ensures identification and warning of approaching forklifts at distances of 13 to 26 feet before meeting points. It features detection and identification units and flashing signals positioned on site or at a distance of 13 feet. Observation Post detects the movement of forklifts (by mass, speed and weight) approaching designated meeting points and alerts pedestrians and other forklift operators when they are in dangerous proximity of one another via warning alarms or flashing lights.

No maintenance
Affordable cost
Simple installation (operation requires 24V A.C infrastructure)
Additional warnings are available

Junction OP
This system detects forklifts or means of conveyance which is moving in a warehouse, factory, logistics centers and monitoring at an intersection to alert if a forklift approaching from any direction (4 radars and 4 traffic lights are installed in one unit with a buzzer – ready to use). This is a radar system, identification of forklifts according to three parameters: mass, volume and speed.

Simple installation (operation requires 24V A.C infrastructure – just plug in and use)
Affordable cost
No maintenance

ISTA (Intelligent Stop in Action) a new generation wheel chock
i-Stop is a loading/unloading wireless safety system. This system is already set up in a number of countries in Europe including Germany, Netherlands, France and Hungary.
i-Stop is an electronic stop brace that transmits the truck wheel safety data to a control unit that monitor the loading gates within the logistics center. Or it can be used in open air areas as well.


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