Jean-Baptiste PETIT


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  • AKKA TECHNOLOGIES, France, Levallois - Engineer

    2008 - 2009 SUMMARY:
    Society of Engineering Services

    Mission at: SAGEM-SECURITE
  • SAGEM SECURITE, France, Osny - Software Development Engineer

    2008 - 2009 SUMMARY:
    Conception of a web component equivalent to an existing Activex, allowing to interface with a Sagem's product via a proprietary protocol to make secured transactions on internet.

    • Analysis of the existing,
    • Pre-study, conception, choice of the technology, structure,
    • Software specification,
    • Drafting (in English)
    -• Technique,
    -• Tests specification,
    -• Integration specification,
    -• Validation specification,
    • Development,
    • Improvement, evolution of the existing,
    • Customization,
    • Configuration management,
    • Integration and qualification,
    • Led of tests,
    • Correction of bugs,
    • Creation of modules application software, demonstratives,
    • Supports,
    • Follow-up, audit, meeting,
    • Management, in parallel, of the development of the ActiveX component,
    • Implementation of a source control with CVS.

    • Windows (XP / Vista), Mac OS (Tiger / Leopard), Linux
    • C/C++, Java, JNI, Ant, Makefile, Html/Css, MySQL/Php, Webservice
    • Activex/Applet, Visual Studio 2005/2008, Eclipse, Netbeans, X-Code
    • CVS, TortoiseCVS, Notepad++
    • Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google Chrome
  • B2B GAMES, China, Dalian - Programmer / Developer (Teleworking, Training course)

    2008 - 2008 SUMMARY:
    • Research, prospecting, for the future development of a structure in China.
    • Management of an educational game project: comic strips creator.

    • Complete revision (C#),
    • Correction of bugs,
    • Improvement of the resources management,
    • Complete customization (interface, languages, etc.),
    • Implementation of new features,
    • Creation of tutorials, user guides and technical documentations,
    • Packaging (for marketing aim),
    • Localization (languages),
    • Tests QA,
    • Tools development (helping tool to create resource packages, C#).

    • Windows XP, C#, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Visual Studio 2005
    • NSIS, SVN, TortoiseSVN, Notepad++, Skype (teleconference)
  • B2B GAMES, France, Lyon - Programmer / Developer (Full-time job)

    2007 - 2008 SUMMARY:
    Customizations, added values, localizations, web, packaging, revisions, etc.

    • Installation of computer equipment,
    • Addition of values and modifications of games,
    • Creation of user guides and technical documentations,
    • Customer relationship,
    • Maintenance,
    • In communication with various partners and commercials,
    • Packaging (for marketing aim),
    • Localization (languages),
    • Tests QA.

    • Windows XP, C/C++, C#, Flash/ActionScript, Adobe Photoshop CS3
    • Adobe Flash CS3, Visual Studio 2005, NSIS, Notepad++
  • B2B GAMES, China, Dalian - Programmer / Developer (Teleworking, Part-time job)

    2006 - 2007 SUMMARY:
    Revision of the website and management of various micro-projects.

    • Revision of the website
    -• Revision,
    -• Management of catalogs,
    -• Creation of banners and animations in flash,
    -• Creation of a sale part for on-line contents,
    • Implementation of an SVN server and an archiving server,
    • Creation of 2D interfaces,
    • Integration of contents (image, audio, video, demonstration, pdf, advertisement, etc.),
    • Realization of 3D models,
    • Recompilation of source code.

    • Windows XP, C/C++, Html/Php/Css, Flash/ActionScript, Adobe Photoshop CS3
    • Visual Studio 2005, NSIS, 3DSmax8, SVN, TortoiseSVN, Notepad++
    • Skype(teleconference)
  • WHITE BIRDS PRODUCTION, France, Joinville-Le-Pont - Programmer / Developer (Trainee)

    2006 - 2006 SUMMARY:
    • Java software development, for games scenarios creation,
    • Implementation of a network module in Lua/Java with their graphics engine OPALIUM.

    • Participation in the application development (team of 5 trainees),
    • In charge of the communication, working strategy, within the team,
    • Creation and implementation of a network module allowing to follows the progress of a game in parallel and tests diagrammatically the scenarios,
    • Responsible for the realization and follow-up of the technical documents, user guides, bugs, global specifications, etc,
    • In constant communication with the various teams (graphic designers, audio, testers QA, draftsman, lead project, trainees).

    • Windows XP, Java, Lua, Perl, Python, Eclipse, Notepad++
    • OPALIUM (graphics engine of the society)
  • CINETUDE, France, Paris - Commercial cinema

    2005 - 2005 DESCRIPTION:
    • Commercial studies,
    • Questionnaires,
    • Recruitments for projections,
    • Host.
  • NESTLE WATERS FRANCE, France, Vittel - Industrial Service (Trainee)

    2004 - 2004 SUMMARY:
    • Starting of a flow-meter,
    • Complete installation management of a traceability device for pallets.

    + Mission 1
    • Research, Analyze, Evaluation of the costs,
    • Purchase of the product,
    • Realization of a series of tests in normal condition of use,
    • Creation of user documentations.

    + Mission 2
    • Research, Analyze, Evaluation of the costs,
    • Responsible for the realization and the follow-up of the global specifications,
    • Purchase of pieces needed for the installation,
    • In charge of the various teams (long-distance truck drivers, employees, partners, etc.),
    • Responsible for the assembly of the installation and various tests in production condition.

    • Flow meter, CAO, AutoCAD
  • FOYER INTERNATIONAL, Switzerland, Geneva - Computer scientist, Receptionist

    2000 - 2000 SUMMARY:
    Give an answer in housing, adapted to the need of the young people, from any nationality, from 18 to 30 years old.

    • Receptionist,
    • Operator,
    • IT Management of installations,
    • Implementation of an internal/external messaging.

    • Windows 98, Microsoft OUTLOOK
  • PERRIER MANAGEMENT & TECHNOLOGIE, France, Vittel - Trainee

    1998 - 1998
  • ARCHITECTURE BELLOT, France, Vittel - Trainee

    1997 - 1997