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  • Baxter International - Process engineer

    Maurepas 2013 - maintenant Develop establish and operate a statistical process control and monitoring system for critical process parameters.
    Initiate lead and support investigations associate to deviations/NCR
    Writting, execution of investigation and developement protocols
    Support to manufacturing downstream operations
    Definition execution and implementation of purification and process improvement project
    Technical transfer

  • Glenmark Pharmaceuticals - Process Development Engineer in DSP group

    2011 - 2013 Downstream processing developement for Mabs
    Protein A
    Cations exchange
    Anion exhange
    Membrane chromatography
    Virus filtration
    Tangential flow filtration
    continuous chromatography

    Formulation of mabs (liquid and lyophilized)

    Process transfert in CMO, and technical support

    Audit of CMO and porviders

    Analytical tools (SDS, IEF, Elisa...)
  • Seripahrm - ADC production supervisor

    2010 - 2011 Production of antibodies drug conjugate
    Technical transfer between R&D and production (user requirements, risk assessments, critical parameters definition.)
    Manufacturing support during production start-up and troubleshooting
    Working with disposable equipments (bags, mixing systems)
    Participation to production quality audits
    Work in clean room (class C)
  • Novasep - Process Engineer

    POMPEY 2009 - 2010 Work on different HPLC system (high and low pressure) : Merck, Waters, Akta
    Chromatography Development in batch mode (knowledge’s in continuous mode)
    Ultrafiltration and diafiltration development
    Column packing (scale: 4,6 to 1200mm ) for low, medium and high pressure media
    Process scale up from lab to pilot scale (chromatography and TFF)
    Membranes and chromatography medias screening
  • Novasep - R&D Engineer

    POMPEY 2007 - 2009 Development of purification process



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