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En résumé

As an independent Researcher I enjoy my past esperience skills today to research various domains , write articles & work in research...
Since 1995, Gold Scope Scope D'or was created with the same vision as I hold today. As a woman entrepreneur in our today modern, complex & digital society, my vision is simple: To seize opportunities as they arise.
To keep going. To push limits. To respect boundaries. To belong to entrepreneurship visions. To be professional. To accept cultures. To strive towards business excellence. To listen to governance. To lead & Never to quit...
To become Global is my destiny journey....
Gold Scope Scope D'or was in business since 1995 in Toronto Canada, in Paris France in 1997 and its International Marketing System is foremost activated in 2011 in Beirut Lebanon with its amazing climate, in Paris France with its stunning architecture, in Toronto Canada with its fantastic skyline, in Elegant Modern Montreal, Quebec & in Classy Dynamic New York City, New York...Thanks to its On Line Advertising System, it is reached from anywhere in the world, thus becoming Global! To respond to Global demands Gold Scope became Private in 2015 as a Professional Multimedia, Marketing & Customer Service Agency!
Gold Scope Advertising System includes ads posted on Gold Scope Ads BlogSpot & up to date business news posted on Gold Scope News BlogSpot...Add-ons or gadgets such as movie, radio, magazine & gallery make it complete as an innovative marketing Brand!
Since Gold Scope Artistic Business Venture is the essence of its digital Business Growth and Development, visit Lilia Gold Scope BlogSpot for the latest marketing option solution to your business success...Today, to be up to par with Tech options solutions, Lilia has included Marketing Research as an independent specialist in order to shed knowledge & tools to progress & grow as a professional woman & Market Researcher since her Gold Scope Business is closed...Contact Lilia Gold Scope

Mes compétences :
Relations publiques
Marketing digital
Marketing direct
Business intelligence
Business development
Recherche et Développement
Customer support
Service clients
Customer Relations
Customer Service
Public Relation
Market Research
Customer Satisfaction
Social Network


  • Lilia Global - Recherche Marketing

    2018 - maintenant Marketing, Relations Publiques, Recherche et Development.
  • Lilia Gold Scope Global - Agente Commerciale

    2016 - 2018 Déployer une campagne Marketing Multimédia sur une Plateforme Internet Globale de Réseaux Sociaux est la clé marketing de "Gold Scope Global"... Le travail de Relations publiques engendre un rapport important et amical avec la gestion de clientèle avide de communication...La Recherche Marketing est une source et ressource de performance d'expertise et d'écoute auprès des clients pour des études de marché ou de recrutement...
    Le développement marketing est toujours nécessaire pour un impact compatible avec une technologie toujours en mouvement.
  • Gold Scope Netmarketing - Marketing Agent

    2015 - 2018 Suivre et publier les expositions , vernissages et ateliers des clients de Gold Scope dans le site de Gold Scope
  • Gold Scope - Agent Marketing

    1995 - 2018
  • Gold Scope Scope D'or - Gold Scope Independent Marketing Agent

    1994 - 2018 Direct Marketing with Gold Scope Trademark for several independent clients.
    Editor Gold Scope Marketing Communication Newsletter for clients promotion.
    Advertising, Linking, Creating & Managing Exhibit Displays for 23 artists & several galleries such as Gallery 7, Hittite, Arta Atlantisia, Arteconte & Colombier.
    Customer Relations with TaffleMusik Baroque Orchestra, & Artsmarketing for T.S.O & R.O.M.
    Public Relations with Comtel Promotions for Globe & Mail. Market Research with IPSOS ASI.
    Customer Satisfaction with Access Research.
    Customer Service, Financial Specialist with Moneris Solutions.
    Business Chinoiserie & Artistic Ventures for Marketing & Business Development of Gold Scope Scope D'or... Advertising, Business Support & Business Chinoiserie as well as Advertisement, Social Media Network & Global Advertising for Various Clients.
    Global Marketing & Business News for Marketing Communication of Gold Scope Scope D'or & clients...Gold Scope Billboard for artistic advertising display to a greater public!
    In 2015, to respond to Global Market demands, Gold Scope became private as Lilia De Bechara Small Business of Multimedia, Marketing & Customer Service Specialist on a Global Platform...


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