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En résumé

Entrepreneur et manager senior, mes 17 années d'expérience professionnelle me donnent la volonté de contribuer au développement d’une agence (Région) ou d'une filiale à l’étranger (Europe, Asie, Océanie), en tant que membre du Comité de Direction d’une PME/ETI française dans le secteur des TIC/ESN (IT, Transformation Digitale, Big Data) ou du développement urbain (Smart City, SIG).

Après un séjour de fin d'étude en Australie (6 mois), mon parcours professionnel m'a fait évoluer en France (8 ans), en Angleterre (1 an), en Belgique (1 an) et en Inde (8 ans), où je vis depuis 2007 (Mumbai, Bangalore).

Je suis également Conseiller du Commerce Extérieur de la France (CCEF) depuis 2010, vice-président et membre du Bureau de la Section Inde, en charge de l'Inde du Sud et des sujets RSE.

Expertise :
. Développement d'un Cost Center/Profit Center ou d'une Filiale à l'étranger
. Gestion de budget (P&L) et gestion des risques
. Gestion de projets IT de plusieurs M€ en mode forfait ou en Offshore Delivery Centre (ODC)
. Modèles et processus offshore dans les Services (IT, Ingénierie, Planification urbaine)
. Mise en place de processus Qualité (Certifications ISO, CMMI)
. Réponse à appel d'offres pour le secteur public indien
. Inde (8 années d'expérience dans le pays)

Mes compétences :
Business development
Business Models
Business Processes
Profit Center


  • TGI Maritime Software - Directeur des Projets

    2016 - maintenant TGI Maritime Software conçoit, développe et installe des progiciels dédiés au monde maritime :
    - ALIS : Agency Liner Information System gère les agents maritimes, du booking aux comptes d'escales ;
    - OSCAR : Operating Software Container And Report traite toutes les opérations d'un terminal conteneur utilisant des stackers, des RTGs ou des cavaliers ;
    MARCO : MAnutention MARitime & COnsignation gère la consignation coque et tramping, le courtage, les affectations des dockers, le time- sheet, la facturation des escales et prestations diverses, la facturation d'OSCAR, de caRRol ;
    - caRRol : caRgo terminal management software for Rol on Rol off operations traite toutes les opérations d’un terminal RORO.
  • Altran India - Programs Manager India

    Vélizy-Villacoublay 2015 - 2016
  • ARSHA Consulting - Senior Advisor

    Bangalore 2013 - 2015 ARSHA Consulting is the international trade consulting business unit of TBC-World Group (Toboc B2B Marketplace India Pvt. Ltd.), a Canadian company settled in India since 2006, with 100 employees that are mainly based in Bangalore.

    Originating from France, Canada and Belgium, our Bangalore based senior advisors are offering personalized services and value added solutions for your exporting or sourcing projects.

    Our strength: the Indian Sub-continent
    India, Sri-Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives islands

    To plan and lead an onsite scouting mission, to acquire a local company, or to build a distribution network and develop your marketing campaign, our advisors will accompany you to make a success of your expansion in the Indian Sub-continent.
  • TOBOC Deals - Co-Founder & CEO

    Bengaluru 2011 - 2015
  • EGIS Geoplan (ex Groupe SCE India) - CEO

    2009 - 2011 - Position based in Bangalore (India)
    . Managed the operating account of a subsidiary of 100 employees for two French associated Groups
    . Defined and implemented the ± €1,2M (± Rs. 7.56 Crores) budget of the company and monitored the margins of the company
    . Coordinated the process of answer for international bidding on major projects initiated by Indian Government bodies (Municipal Corporations, Town Planning Departments)
    . Strengthened both the business network and the institutional network with French and Indian authorities
    . Defined, targeted and hit new markets (locations and technologies wise)
    . Led and facilitated the Management Committee meetings as member of the Board
    . Initiated the overall ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Process
    . Contributed to the definition of a new business model and the selling of the company with the shareholders

    => Optimized the monthly financial reports sent to both the associated Groups CFOs and the Shareholders strengthening the budget follow-up of the projects and the monitoring of the projects margins per technologies and domain verticals
    => Achieved a revenue of €1,4M (± Rs. 8.87 Crores) the first Indian Financial Year as CEO of the company
    => Was awarded two major projects in the Urban Planning field in India and got clients in new countries across the world
    => Maintained the attrition rate below 10% for employees as well as the Management Committee members
    => Built-up a strong network among French institutions in India and Indian Government bodies
    => Sold the company to a larger firm without any operational restructuring but the CEO
  • Atos - Senior IT Consultant

    Bezons 2008 - 2009 - Position based in Paris (France)
    . Defined the IT policy (Software applications and Infrastructure master plan) and the IT Enterprise governance within the framework of 80 convergence projects at Head-Quarter level
    . Facilitated the “IT Policies and Standards” steering committee meetings as a Technical Advisor
    . Directly reported to the Corporate CIO on a weekly basis
    . Coordinated and facilitated the workshops on Specific IT Policies for the main software domains
    . Gathered and transformed into IT solutions the affiliates’ business requirements both in France and abroad

    => Wrote the IT General Policy as a conclusion of the overall study and started writing the associated Specific IT policies
    => Achieved a general consensus among the numerous affiliates based in France as well as in other European countries
    => Participated to the steering committee meetings being considered by the Corporate CIO as part of the company
    => Successfully organized the technical workshops involving 20+ stakeholders to come to conclusions for each software domain
  • Atos - Global Sourcing Program Manager

    Bezons 2007 - 2008 - Position based in Mumbai and Pune (India)
    . Facilitated Indo-French teams relationships of more than 100 people
    . Monitored front-office/back-office processes and enhanced productivity
    . Managed the budget of the projects including 1000+ man/days and 15+ team members and monitored project risks
    . Conducted the steering committee meetings
    . Set-up industrialized testing to run on the projects transferred in India
    . Reported with KPIs presentations to both the French and the Indian top management
    . Drove the implementation of the Offshore Service Center compliance (infrastructure, resources, data) as part of security audits (internal and external)

    => Successfully streamlined the relationships between teams based in France and in India with specific tools that efficiently bridge the gaps as far as management methods and culture are concerned
    => Met the productivity objectives implementing strong weekly follow-up on resources utilization and deadlines
    => Successfully implemented the industrialized testing as a first step to build a genuine test factory
    => The Offshore Service Center successfully passed both the internal and the external security audits with effective security awareness among employees
    => Successfully handed over the program management to the Indian project director
  • Atos - Project Manager

    Bezons 2005 - 2007 - Position based in London (U.K.) and Antwerp (the Netherlands), one year each
    . Rolled-out and integrated a back-office Retail Management solution as part of the worldwide rollout of an ERP solution
    . Managed the €5M+ budget of the project and project risks
    . Facilitated the steering committee meetings
    . Reported to the Corporate CIO
    . Coordinated the teams of the affiliates abroad with the Head-Quarter teams in France
    . Monitored the compliance of the deliveries supplied by the vendors based in the USA and in Belgium

    => Integrated as per the planning and the budget the solution that was considered as the biggest risk for the rollout of the global solution
    => Was asked by the client to manage the rollout in the Netherlands as a result of the successful work delivered in the U.K.
    => Was in charge of the overall management of the budget of the 2nd rollout
    => Successfully led the steering committee meetings including IT and Business top management from both the affiliates and the head-quarter
    => Was asked by the client to directly discuss the technical solution with the vendor as part of the team visiting the Head-Quarter of the software provider in the USA
  • Atos - Chef de Projet - Analyste fonctionnel

    Bezons 2003 - 2005
  • Maulde Technologies - Chef de Projet

    2000 - 2003 . Gestion des projets et implémentation de la solution applicative SATIN (Catalogue Produits)
    . Support technique au Département Ventes pour les Avant-Ventes
  • Rubaco Texto - Responsable Catalogue Produit

    1996 - 2000



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