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  • Safran Engineering Services - Transnational project manager

    Paris 2014 - maintenant
  • Labinal - Responsable Controle de gestion Central

    2012 - 2014
  • Labinal Inc. - North America Division Finance Controller

    2010 - 2012 Directly reporting to North America VP, interacting with top management, BU controllers and headquarter.
    Strong analytical skills, multitasking abilities, working under pressure, and confidentiality is always maintained. As a Financial Controller my experience and responsibilities include:

    • Controlling:

    o Manage financial reporting and consolidation for the North America Division (6 Business Units – 2 Countries)
    o Ensure accurate and timely reporting to Headquarter
    o Provide timely and sound financial guidance to management to achieve annual objectives
    o Lead Budget campaign, yearly reforecast and monthly rolling forecast
    o Implement Balance Scorecard and common metrics thru the organization
    o Strong emphasis on Cash Flow, supervising Working capital improvement projects
    o ROI analysis for projects and capital expenditure
    o Experience with acquisition and integration of new subsidiary
    o Brought newly acquired company to Division standards in terms of financial structure,
    procedures and reporting

    • Estimating:

    o Prepare Business Plans in support of Bids and Proposals for new programs and new customers
    o Provide recommendation to Management for pricing strategy (de-escalation, discounts, NRC amortization…)
    o Develop rate structure for proposal
    o Perform sensitivity analysis and Support to negotiation with Boeing


    o Experience with Revenue recognition on Long Term Contracts
    o Implement Impairment Test for development program
    o Main interface with Auditors for Year-End audit
    o Leading tax optimization project (R&D tax credit)
    o Experience with IFRS, French GAAP, USGAAP

    • Information systems

    o Experience on multiple Information Systems (IRIS, BPCS, BAAN)
    o Support implementation of SAP (FI and CO) in Mexico and USA thru analysis of requirements
    o Ensure continuity of operation
    o Reduction of reporting lead time through Excel automation
  • Labinal Inc. - 787 Finance Controller

    2008 - 2010 In charge of financial for 787 Program.

    Main responsibilities:
    - Controlling / Estimating
    Yearly budget, 5 Years Mid-Term Plan, Monthly rolling forecast
    Review of Program Estimate At Completion
    Prepare Business Plan
    Support to negotiation with Customer (NRC claims, price adjustments)

    - Accounting
    Month end closing activities and financial reporting
    Main interface with auditors for Year end audit
    Impairment test and sensitivity analysis
  • Labinal - Controleur de gestion central

    2004 - 2007 Mes responsabilites:

    - Responsable reporting Amerique du Nord
    Controle budgetaire
    Analyse de variance: P&L, BFR, Cash

    - Reporting mensuel groupe, Budget
    Reduction des delais de reporting

    - Controle de gestion Service Informatique (6 Meuro d'investissements)
    Cloture mensuelle
    Budget: Effectifs, Investissements, Opex
    Etude de rentabilite des projets informatiques

    - Analyses transverses
    Taux horaires
    Sensibilisation au cash