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Mes compétences :
Relation fournisseurs
Ingénierie de formation
Sourcing international
Contrôle qualité
Inspection& coordination
Audit qualité
Expertise technique et conseil
Microsoft Office
Machines tournantes( pompes,turbocompressor)
qualification (new suppliers)


  • Veolia Environnement - Project inspection & coordination Manager & Sourcing Platforms at Veolia Water

    Paris 1994 - maintenant 2014 - 2018: VEOLIA WT
    -Following up& inspection-Expertise-coordination Manager for BIOGEP Project- ACHERES Saint Germain en Laye) ( GROUP VEOLIA OTV - SUEZ DEGREMONT): 750 Million.EUR

    2008-2018 :VEOLIA WT:
    -Participation and apply the Veolia Environnement purchasing policy on the spend domain Intellectual services.
    Objectives: Spend less, spend better, and spend less expensive
    -Sourcing new suppliers in the world for all equipment with best prices for our Platform Veolia .
    Development & Fully Standardization for equipment &package plant=>reduce the price
    - Advice & reduction general expenses.
    -Coordinating internal inspection network Veolia VWS (intranet ) , in order to optimize internal collaboration of inspectors in many countries (sharing information, realization of local inspections for distant business units).and supervising of all QC personnel and activities if needed.
    -Evaluating the Quality Systems of suppliers and sub-contractors during the pre-qualification phase.
    Searching for suppliers all equipment with best prices for our company .
    - Investigation
    - Assessment and Audit
    - Development
    Shop Inspection during Fabrication
    Projects involved:
    Follow up closely and support to many projects (Argentina–Brasil-Usa, Australia-UAM-Oman-Fujairah2-France-Colombia-Egypt-Germany-Malaysia-South-Viet Nam -Lebanon -Poland -Morocco- Japan- switzerland –England –USA - Crivina –St.Petersburg-Turkey- Russia-India - China – Cheng Du - Hong Kong –Islamabad -Thailand- Korea- Vietnam, Abu- Dhabi, Az- A-zour
    Major sourcing new suppliers & inspection &coordination and following up project
    Shell GTL Project – Qatar : EPC contract (consortium Veolia / Saipem / Al Jaber) ~ 500 M$
    Sweet and Sour CPI separators
    Oil tankage, water tankage
    Flocculation & Flotation Units
    Aerobic biological treatment with circular settlers .
    Submerged Ultrafiltration
    Reverse Osmosis
    Water treatment by UV
    Evaporation & Crystallization of concentrated waste stream
    Cooling water blowdown treatment (Submerged Ultrafiltration & Reverse Osmosis)

    1994-2014 :VEOLIAWATER :Sourcing& inspection-coordination manager for SPD(Strategic purchasing Department) :responsible for quality control and performance test all equipments for treatment of water:Air-turbo-compressor-hydraulic-High pressure pumps ,dosing, all pumps, HP pumps feeding incinerator digester,Gas holder,Generator set, agitator, mixers ,screening, bridge- sludge-clarifier,Thickener, grit tank scraper,suface skimmer, turbine-aerator,lamella type settling tank, flowmeter,dryer,furnace shell,refactory for,incineration,sludge,silo,diffusers,Condenser,chlorine,ss-tanks,Biogas compressor…
    GRP-PEHD tanks, Pressure-vessels,ASME-PED, CODAP…Membrane for seawater treatment- filters civil engineer (slabs Biostyr,Tgv-filter,Biocarbone and small concrete slab of potable and waste water ,sludge dryer machine.
    Advice & training and method of manufacturing of filter –BIOSTYR slabs -civil work on site.


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