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Mes compétences :
Responsible for a computer room
Microsoft PowerPoint
Intellectual Property Law
chromatography data management
Visual dBase
Tumour Development
Pharmaceutical Testing
Occupational Therapy
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Access
Medical Devices
Informed Consent


  • Freelance - Freelance translator

    2001 - maintenant Translation and proofreading of documents in the medical, biomedical, chemical and pharmaceutical domains.
    - Patents (mainly chemical and pharmaceutical patents);
    - Medical books (such as the part titled "Mechanisms of Tumour Development" of the "World Cancer Report", IARC (WHO);
    - Online Help (translation of the online help of Empower software [chromatography data management] for Waters);
    - User's and Operator's Manuals, Directions for Use (various surgical and medical devices);
    - Leaflets on Diseases (patient's and practitioner's); translation of technical disease cards for the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health);
    - Clinical Trial Documentation (protocols, information sheets, informed consent forms, synopsis, policies, description of tests carried out during the trials, instructions for care of study drugs (shipment, receipt, storage, preparation and administration);
    - Drug monographs for a leading Canadian laboratory (Gaucher Disease and Cerezyme Monograph);
    - Pharmaceutical product documentation;
    - Occupational therapy guidelines;
    - Medical guidelines and standards;
    - Pharmaceutical Testing Procedures;
    - Chemical Laboratory Procedures.
  • Mapi Research Institute - Project co-coordinator & translator

    Lyon 2000 - 2000 Training period. Project co-coordinator and in-house translator, Cultural Adaptation Department, Mapi Research Institute.
    Mapi Research Institute is a non profit service organization unique in the field of Health-Related Quality-of-Life. Its main objective is to promote collaborative research initiative in the field of Health-Related Quality-of-Life. The aim of the Cultural Adaptation department is to produce recognized and validated translations of existing Health-Related Quality-of-Life questionnaires into various languages and according to a rigorous protocol, consisting of 6 steps.
  • Acuda Translation Agency, Barcelona - In-house translator and senior project co-coordinator

    1998 - 1999
  • Acuda Translation Agency, Madrid - Translator & junior project co-coordinator

    1997 - 1997


  • Université Lyon 2 Lumiere

    Lyon 1994 - 2000 Post-Graduate Diploma

    Post-graduate diploma at Lyon 2 University, "International Communication in Health Sciences: translation, writing and documentation" (English and French), passed with distinction.


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