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  • Jacques Dubois - Directeur Général / Managing Director

    2008 - maintenant
  • Eastman Chemical Company. - Manager, Global Marketing

    Paris La Défense 2004 - 2008 Based at Eastman's HQ in the US.

    NYSE: EMN; 12,00 employees; plastics, fibers and chemicals

    'What is old is new again'... a revolutionary approach to materials sampling and brand strategy to promote Eastman plastics to brand owners and designers. Developed and launched - Business Week's 2005 Gold IDEA award winning website.

    Innovation & design: introducing Eastman materials to the world’s most successful brands

    Spearheaded with Eastman’s manager of design industry programs the development and implementation of Material Difference TM – an umbrella brand strategy based on a revolutionary approach to materials sampling. Its tremendous success led Eastman’s to receive Frost & Sullivan’s 2005 Technology Leadership award “bestowed upon the company that has pioneered the development and introduction of an innovative technology into the market”. For more information on Material Difference TM, please visit:

    Developed and launched – a website designed to provoke brands owners / designers / key influencers which in less than a year has become a widely used (and acclaimed) resource for material selection and material innovation. The website has created almost 1600 strategic opportunities for Eastman with some of the world’s most prestigious and successful brands including BMW, Boeing, Microsoft, Motorola, Nissan, P&G, L’Oreal and The Coca-Cola Company. This website won Business Week’s 2005 Gold Industrial Design Excellence Award (IDEA is the highest award given by the Industrial Design Society of America). These initiatives received additional praise in a full-page article in the May 2005 edition of ID magazine, the leading publication in the design industry. For more information, please visit the website at

    Re-branding - Developed a communication plan and a sampling strategy to re-position the Eastman's cosmetics and personal care ingredients which includes the launch of new ingredients and a new active delivery vehicle - results include shorter sales cycles and a greater demand for Eastman technologies.

    Cosmetics and Personal Care: growth through product launches and a new branding strategy

    Designed a launch plan to introduce several ingredients to the largest Cosmetics and Personal Care companies which led to sampling requests by their new product development experts for almost all the targeted companies - months ahead of plan.

    Developed a communication plan and a sampling strategy to introduce a new delivery system for active ingredients in the skin care market to an alpha-customer, a top-tier CPC company. This high-impact strategy led to internal ‘selling’ by the head of R&D to the marketing organization and the CEO and resulted in the signature of an innovation partnership in a few months – turning Eastman into a partner and dramatically reducing time-to-market.
  • Eastman Chemical Company - EMarketing guru

    Paris La Défense 2002 - 2004 Based at Eastman's HQ in the US.

    NYSE: EMN; 12,00 employees; plastics, fibers and chemicals

    Built a highly effective Electronic Marketing expertise from the ground up. Generated results 5 to 8 times above industry averages.

    Change management and new business development

    Built a highly effective Electronic Marketing expertise from the ground up – started with one Business Organization and within 6 months was expanding eMarketing at the corporate level across all business units. Outperformed expectations and demonstrated how a low-cost highly targeted internet strategy could support Eastman’s key strategic growth initiatives.

    Launched 10 websites within a year, divested one (selling a website is not a trivial exercise after the dot com crash), generated results 5 to 8 times above B2B averages, growth in excess of 100%, outperformed objectives by 100%, established visible and recognized brands in the targeted markets, became the largest opportunity generator in the company with growth exceeding 250%.
  • Eastman Chemical Company - New Business Development Manager

    Paris La Défense 2001 - 2002 Based at Eastman's HQ in the US.

    NYSE: EMN; 12,00 employees; plastics, fibers and chemicals

    Investigated opportunities to leverage Eastman expertise in IT (Information Technology) and to create revenues from non-traditional assets

    Led brainstorming sessions, generated over 100 ideas. Provided the team with a structure to develop scalable ‘experiments’ – common grounds to seek and develop concepts

    Investigated various opportunities which ranged from procurement based technologies to foreign exchange hedging
  • - Business Plan Guru

    2000 - 2000 Based in Saint Louis, USA

    Wrote the business plan for a start-up company selling industrial filters and procurement solutions.
  • Air Liquide - Sales & Marketing

    Paris 1995 - 1999 New business development.



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