En résumé

Mes compétences :
Core analysis
Wireline analysis
2D, 3D Seismic interpretation
Petroleum system modeling
Sequence stratigraphy


  • University of Burgundy/ENGIE - Research engineer/PhD student

    2015 - maintenant
  • ENGIE - Geologist

    COURBEVOIE 2015 - 2015
  • Welience/University of Burgundy - Geologist

    2014 - 2014
  • GDF SUEZ - Geologist

    COURBEVOIE 2014 - 2014
  • Areva - Geologist, 3D modeler

    Paris La Defense 2012 - 2012 3D modeling of uranium deposit in Niger (Imouraren):
    >Realization of sedimentary, stratigraphic & structural models in clastic systems reservoirs
    >Comparison/ characterisation of different reservoirs models & volumes estimation
    >Analyse tectonic structures at basin/reservoirs scale (faults, fracturing, cataclastic bands…)
    >Define litho-facies, sedimentary structures & depositional environments (alluvial fan, braided, meandering, lake, floodplain systems…)
    >Datas: cores, petrophysics logs (770 wells), 2D seismic (6), data loading, processing & Qc/Qa
    >Technical report (basin, sedimentlogical, tectonic summary), procedures & software scripts writing
    >Software: Petrel, Gocad, Wellcad, ArcGis
  • Tauw, France - Geologist/hydrogeologist technician

    2010 - 2010 >Monitoring surveys (wireline & mud logging, coring), excavation for environmental studies
    >In situ sampling & physical-chemical measurements (air, soil, water)
    >Implementation of loggers & measurement sensors (water level, T°, conductivity, flow...)
    >Recovery and data processing, tracing & modeling flow of pollution
    >Technical, fields report & procedures writing
    >Software: Surfer, LogPlot, Autocad, MapInfo
  • Lasalle-Beauvais - Geotechnic Bachelor Thesis

    BEAUVAIS 2009 - 2009 Geotechnical characterization of a soil for the construction of residence:
    >Laboratory tests (Atterberg, porosity, calcimeter, VBS...)
    >In situ tests (penetrometer...) & mechanical tests (Tri axis, oedometer...)
    >Mapping area on MapInfo (GIS)


  • Université De Bourgogne

    Dijon 2012 - 2014 Master Géobiosphere
  • Université Montpellier 2 Sciences Et Technique Du Languedoc

    Montpellier 2010 - 2012 Master of Science degree in Geological Reservoirs

    Basin architecture, petroleum geology & geophysics, sediment dynamics, depositional environments (clastics, carbonates deposits systems...), sequence & seismic stratigraphy, seismic imagery, petrophysics, reservoirs characterization (diagenesis, fracturing, faults...), Geo-mechanical, numerous fieldtrips wireline & core logging (1 month: Lodève, South Pyrenees, Cévennes)
  • Institut Polytechnique Lasalle Beauvais (Ex IGAL)

    Beauvais 2007 - 2010 Professional technician diploma

    Petroleum geology & geophysics, wireline & logging analysis, "quick look" interpretation, microfacies, geochemistry, geotechnics, hydrogeology, mining & carrying, programming (Java, Html…), numerous fieldtrips mapping & logging all area (3 months: La Bourboule, Meyrueis, Montbrun-les-Bains)


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