En résumé

Experienced executive in Sustainable Development and Environment, Health and Safety for Corporate or large industrial companies with a focus on:
• defining and implementing a Sustainable Development strategy;
• leading an international network of HSE professionals;
• managing all environmental, health and safety aspects during acquisition, integration and divestiture activities, including historical industrial pollution;
• developing and implementing information systems dedicated to environment and safety at work.

Specialties:Environmental Health & Safety Management Systems and programs, Sustainable Development, Corporate Social Responsibility, Acquisition & Divestiture, Historical industrial pollution, HSE softwares, EHS, CSR

Mes compétences :
Développement durable
Sustainable development
Corporate social responsibility


  • Essilor - Group Environment, Health & Safety VP

    Charenton-le-Pont 2009 - maintenant Essilor International: world leader for corrective lens. 28 production sites, 450+ prescription laboratories, 3 R&D centers and 3 main Distribution Centers in 100 countries - more than 55 000 employees.
  • Faurecia - Group Health, Safety & Environment Director

    2007 - 2009 Faurecia: 190 production sites in 28 countries - more than 60 000 employees – automotive equipment supplier for seating, exhaust systems, vehicle interiors, front-end units and acoustic solutions.

    As Corporate executive, I was in charge to
    • define a new Health & Safety strategy and establish an environmental baseline of all Faurecia plants through implementation of HSE dashboard with a focus on 8 indicators.
    • coordinate the development and implementation of HSE Programs leading to a 30% injury rates decrease in 2008.
    • liaise with all Group functions to provide HSE inputs and ensure HSE topics are addressed, i.e. HSE guidelines for acquisition or construction of new plants established with Group Facility and Legal Departments; new process for Personal Protective Equipment procurement along with Group Purchasing Department.
    • be involved in the Sustainable Development strategy of Faurecia through the launching of new products as New Light Vehicle Seat or Exhaust Heat Recovery System and different steps of product life cycle.
    • lead Faurecia REACH committee to successfully implement this new European Chemical regulation in a timely manner.
    En tant que directeur HSE du Groupe, j'étais en charge de :
    • définir et mettre en place la politique, la stratégie et les programmes HSE (Hygiène, Santé et Environnement) du Groupe au profit des 190 sites.
    • participer à la définition et à la mise en place de la politique Développement Durable du Groupe.
    • assurer le lien avec les autres fonctions du Groupe afin que les aspects HSE soient pris en compte.
    • coordonner l'application de la nouvelle règlementation européenne REACH sur les produits chimiques par le Groupe.
  • GE Healthcare - EMEA, Health & Safety Programs Manager

    2004 - 2007 GE Healthcare EMEA: 28 production sites plus 10 small sites - more than 18 000 employees – manufacturing of medical imaging equipments and production of imaging enhancing agents)

    • Implemented and managed H&S Programs at all GEHC EMEA facilities (including nuclear and radiation safety) with a focus on integration of 10 newly acquired ones.
    • Drove continuous improvement in EHS performance at all sites in order to achieve EHS excellence such as OSHA VPP recognition or GE Global Star certification outside USA. Under my sponsorship, 5 manufacturing sites achieved Global Star recognition.
    • Ensured compliance improvement with European and local regulations (including WEEE/ROHS as new directives) by conducting audits and ensuring prompt closure of regulatory findings.
    • Represented GEHC on cross business teams and at GE EHS Corporate level to develop improved H&S programs and set high H&S standards for the company: active member of H&S Framework and Global Star Task Forces.

    • Mettre en place les programmes Hygiène, Santé et Sécurité au Travail et améliorer les performances d'une trentaine de sites de production avec une attention particulière sur la dizaine de sites nouvellement acquis (y compris avec des aspects nucléaire et radioprotection) de la zone Europe, Middle East, Africa.
    • conduire l'amélioration continue des résultats HSE des sites en vue d'atteindre l'excellence (certification du type OSHA VPP ou GE Global Star).
    • assurer la conformité réglementaire avec les réglementations européennes et locales (par exemple nouvelles directives DEEE/RoHS) en dirigeant les équipes d'audits et en assurant une correction rapide des non-conformités.
    • représenter GEHC au sein des équipes GE multi-business et auprès du GE Corporate EHS pour développer et améliorer les programmes H&S (membre actif des Groupes de Travail: Système de management H&S Framework et certification GE Global Star).
  • General Electric Medical Systems - EMEA, Environment, Health & Safety Manager

    Paris 2000 - 2004 General Electric Medical Systems: 18 production sites - 7 Sales & Services regions - more than 6 000 employees -Manufacturing of Medical Diagnostic Imaging Devices including chemical processes and radioactive material handling.

    • rebuilt, expanded and enhanced GEMS EMEA EHS organisation. Organised and conducted technical and leadership training courses for the EHS team and GEMS EMEA employees.
    • developed, implemented and provided support to management to successfully execute on core GE/GEMS EHS programs, management systems and metrics.
    • involved in the EHS investigation of 20 Acquisition & Divestiture projects including 2 major ones and conduct the EHS integration of new acquired sites or companies.
    • worked with government agencies to investigate historical pollution and coordinate remedial issues at manufacturing site or to address non-compliance issues.
    • mise en place d'une équipe EHS (Environment, Health & Safety) sur les 18 sites de production et dans les 7 régions de Vente & Service après-Vente de la zone Europe, Middle East & Africa, afin d'appliquer les programmes EHS de GE Corporate. Developpement et conduite de formations techniques et de leadership pour cette équipe et les collaborateurs de GEMS EMEA.
    • participation aux équipes d'acquisition, fusion et cessation d'activités pour le domaine Environnement et Hygiène & Sécurité/Santé dans une vingtaine de projets dont 2 acquisitions majeures
    • relation avec différentes autorités gouvernementales ou locales de la zone EMEA pour des investigations de pollution industrielle de sol ou pour traiter des situations de non-conformité réglementaire.
  • Marine Nationale - Officier de marine

    Paris 1985 - 2000 Various officer positions aboard French Navy ship or at Navy Headquarter in Paris:
    • Commanding officer of a ship based in Brest
    • Executive officer of a minesweeper
    • Head of the operational department aboard an ASW frigate (90 persons).
    • Officer in charge of lessons learned within the office of the chief of naval operation (1998-2000)
    • Selected to attend “Collège Interarmées de Défense” (Senior Officer Leadership course) – Jul’00
    Différents postes d'officier à bord de bâtiments de la marine nationale et à l'état-major de la marine à Paris (dont commandant de bâtiment, chef du Groupement Opérations d'une frégate LSM, adjoint au Major Général de la Marine, chef du service Lutte Sous la Mer d'une frégate LSM... ). Admis à l'Ecole de Guerre/Collège Interarmées de Défense en juillet 2000.