En résumé

French "CPA" with 25 years of experience with a strong emphasis on international clients including large, small and medium-sized companies as well as public bodies

Audit and Accounting : Audit of financial information - Corporate financial analysis - Consolidation services - Operational audit (production management, credit control, treasury management, purchasing, etc.) - Support for Internal Audit Department - Compliance audit - Accounting systems development, implementation and review - Assistance in the maintenance of accounting systems and records

Small and middle market Services : Accounting, tax and legal services - Financial and management reporting systems - Treasury management - Analytical accounts - Management assistance - Management accounting - Relations with financial institutions - Cash flow forecasts - Financial plans and proposals

Corporate Finance (Investigation and Due Diligence work / Business and Management) : Development strategies - Business valuations - Mergers/Acquisitions, joint-ventures - Divestitures - Organisation structuring and planning - Financial projections

Member of the SFAF Society, recognised by the European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies (EFFAS) and member of the Certified International Investment Analyst Association (ACIIA), an internationally recognised advanced professional qualification for individuals working in the finance and investment industry

Mes compétences :
Contrôle interne
Évaluation d'entreprise
Secteur public/Politiques publiques


  • CBM Audit & Conseil - Managing Director

    2000 - maintenant CBM is a young and dynamic firm of auditors and accountants, which was created in 1997

    We have built our reputation on our firm's commitment to understanding and servicing clients' needs. We have broad experience with international clients. This experience has enabled us to acquire a good knowledge of international accounting standards (IAS), US and UK GAAP (and even Spanish GAAP) and to implement high-quality auditing standards

    Our firm has a staff mainly consisting of experienced people
    We have concluded partnership agreements with law and consulting firms in major Europeans countries which enable us to assign specialised staff for specific engagements

    The main activities of our firm are audit, accounting and business advisory services.
  • Mazars Neville Russell, New York, CPA Firm - Senior Manager, French Desk

    1998 - 1999 Management Consulting Industry

    · Received diversified financial and managerial experience in : Printing, Cash Management and Supply Chain Management Consulting, Postal Service, Advertising, Water Treatment, Financial and Corporate Communication, Alcohol and Soft Drinks
    · Managed over 15 professionals on concurrent engagements
    · Experience with US GAAP and IAS GAAP
    · Compiled some SEC Forms for public companies
    · Knowledge of employee benefit plan financial statements
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Paris, France - Manager, UK and US Desk

    1995 - 1998 Management Consulting Industry

    · Received diversified financial and managerial experience in : Holding, Data Processing and Software, Lead and Zinc, Department Store, Credit Institution, Electric Equipment, Chemical and Agronomy Industry, Telecom, Paper Manufacturer, Hardware, Petroleum Distribution and Services
    · Supervised over 12 professionals on concurrent engagements
    · Experience with French, US, UK and IAS GAAP
    · Compiled COB Forms for public companies
    · Knowledge of SAP, BPCS, Oracle softwares
  • Salustro Reydel, Paris, France, CPA Firm (Now KPMG) - Supervisor, Long Term Contract Department

    1990 - 1995 Management Consulting Industry

    · Received diversified financial and experience in : Civil engineering, Data processing and Software, Aeronautical, Electric and Nuclear Energy, Ready-to-wear clothes
    · Supervised over 8 professionals on concurrent engagements
    · Experience with French GAAP
    · Knowledge of Concept and Cartesis consolidation softwares