Stephane MOT


En résumé

Auteur (fiction, satire, nonsense) et concepteur (strategie, innovation)
ESSEC 1991

Mes fictions :
. "dragedies - la mer amarree et autres dragedies" (
. "La Ligue des Oublies - l'autre histoire du football" (
. anthologies: "Impressions papier hanji", "Cahiers de Coree", "Breves", "Every Second Sunday", "Out of Place"
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Mon "junk writing" :
. Seoul Village (Seoul et Coree):
. blogules V.F. (Armes de Desinformation Massive):
. blogules V.O. (Weapons of Mass Disinformation):
. mot-bile (innovation):
. Mentions, interviews, articles, opeds: Newsweek, International Herald Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Le Figaro, Rue89, Asia Times, Korea Herald, Korea JoongAng Ilbo...

Mes compétences :


  • Seoul Global Center Business Advisory Committee - Member

    2010 - maintenant Think tank - advisory committee
  • SFR - Strategie Long Terme - Nouveaux Metiers Nouveaux Marches

    2001 - 2003 . Long Term Strategy, New Business & Strategic Partnerships
    . Madness, One Step Beyond (Wi-Fi, new communicating devices, 4G, imaging services, mobile TV, production, edition, content verticals...)
    . Coordination of Strategic Partnerships
    . Concours Fondation SFR Cegetel

    NB : overall, 7 years in the group from 1996 to 2003 and from COFIRA to CEGETEL Longue Distance to TDS to Le 7 to cegetel to Groupe Cegetel to SFR-Cegetel to SFR. The opportunity to work with the group's main shareholders (Vivendi-Universal, Vodafone, SBC, BT, Mannesmann...) as well as their extended families (Vizzavi, Universal Music Mobile...).
  • SFR - Cegetel - Head of Strategic Intelligence

    1998 - 2001 Driving the cultural shift from a best follower in mobile comms to a leader in mobile multimedia
    . War rooms and preemptive strikes for decision makers (a competitive edge in the 3G license bidding process)
    . New strategic toolkits for everyone (markets, value chains, services, players...)
    . Collaborative networking for everybody (initiating the Group's Strategic Intelligence dynamics)
  • Cegetel - Market Manager - Residentiels

    1996 - 1998 Launching France's leading challenger in fixed line services (Le 7 de cegetel) in charge of :
    - loyalty strategy (designing the group's first loyalty program)
    - international services (10% market share end year 1)
    - convergence and internet (group synergies, VoIP, website...)
    - boosting indirect channels through innovative pricing (inventing France's first long distance "forfaits", the "super sunday" concept...)
  • Intercarte International - Marketing Director

    1995 - 1996 Launching France's first challenger in calling cards (BtoB, BtoC). Designing tailor made applications for new markets (telecommunities, online gamers, customer services...) at a national and international level.
  • Intercarte International - Project Manager - New applications (BtoB, BtoC, BtoBtoC...)

    1994 - 1995 Designing applications for the AudioSmartCard solution (B2B, B2C, all industries and services : banking, trading, insurance, sports...). Invented the Penaltel concept.
  • CLV - GC Telematique - Product Manager and Webmaster - Online Gaming

    1993 - 1994 Managing 2 online gaming sites (gross margin x 2)
    Industrializing media planning (advertising ROI x 4)
  • Ambassade de France en Coree du Sud - Assistant Commercial Attache - Biens de Consommation

    1991 - 1993 Promoting French consumer goods exports to South Korea :
    - Sourcing new local partners with a better focus for each product / service
    - Spotting new markets and business opportunity before they emerge
    - Proactive and targeted mailings for French exporters boosted the sales of surveys and missions, turning the Seoul Trade Mission into the most productive in the World
  • Stephane MOT - Auteur et Chief A to Z Officer

    1967 - maintenant => Auteur (fiction, satire, nonsense)
    . 'dragedies - la mer amarree et autres dragedies'
    . 'La Ligue des Oublies - L'autre histoire du football'
    . serial blogger -
    => Fondateur, Seoul Village:
    . @theseoulvillage


  • ESSEC Formation Continue (6 semaines)

    Cergy Pontoise 1988 - 1991 President, ESSEC Medias
    Editor in Chief, Synchro Magazine
    Founder, Defonce d'Afficher
    Author, 'Deregulation in Indonesia' (1989)
    Author, 'Urbanisme et cadre de vie dans les Hauts de Seine' (1991)
    ESSEC Correspondant d'Entreprise Vivendi Universal - Cegetel - SFR
  • Sidmouth International School SIS (Sidmouth)

    Sidmouth 1987 - 1987 Langues
  • University Of Bridgeport (Bridgeport)

    Bridgeport 1986 - 1986 English Language Service



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