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Over 6 years’ experience in FMCG with focus on hygiene, food safety and manufacturing processes.
Strong from an international background I handled the positions of international food safety auditor, quality engineer and quality manager on site and in head office.

Relevant Knowledge, Skills and Specialisation
Quality Management & Quality in design – Operational excellence (lean six sigma) – Program / project management – Total Performance Management (TPM) – Auditor ISO 22000 & 9001 - Microbiological and Chemical control plan – Dairy, Confectionery and Culinary manufacturing processes

Mes compétences :
Gestion de projet



    Paris maintenant
  • Nestlé - Deputy Quality Manager in Dubai

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2015 - maintenant Senior Quality supervisor and Deputy Quality Manager of a triple site plant. Line responsibility of 25 quality experts, I lead projects to completion achieving best practices within Nestle Group in multiple areas including Total Performance Management, Lean six sigma and Quality Management.

    - Deputy Quality Manager of a triple factory plant (Confectionery, Dairy, Culinary), custodian of:
    o Food Safety and Full Compliance Management Systems including audits and verification
    o Nestlé Quality Mastership
    o Zero Defect and no Waste Management
    o Products and Processes Mastership
    o Business Process
    o People Commitment
    - Plant executive committee member
  • Nestlé - Senior Quality Assurance Supervisor in Dubai

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2015 - maintenant PROJECT LEADER
    -New product design - Quality Leader (Kitkat Mini Moments, Kitkat Senses Hazelnut, Mackintosh’s Quality Street Cardamom)
    Ensured project & product conformity across all project phases
    Implemented and tracked the Quality Deliverables on all projects
    Ensured quality delivery and team support and drive project to timely completion
    -Lean Six Sigma – team of 9
    Lead a Green Belt Project within 8 months achieving targets
    -Risk Management – team of 12
    Designed and implemented a risk management project for gasket management in Confectionery plant
    Note: Project was recognised as Nestlé best practice by the Group Head of Quality Management
    -Shelf Life and Extension Date Management – team of 12
    Designed and implemented a SLED Management Procedure
    Implemented a bi-yearly verification system to monitor procedure effectiveness
    -UTZ Certification – team of 6
    Managed the preparation, realisation and monitoring for the first UTZ certification audit of the Confectionery plant
  • Nestlé - Senior Quality Assurance Supervisor in Dubai

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2015 - maintenant SENIOR QUALITY SUPERVISOR – Fast track

    QUALITY TEAM LEADER - Confectionery plant (400 employees)
    - Managed a team composed of both Quality Specialists and Analysts - 22 employees
    - Managed budget for the Quality department
    - Designed and implemented interactive Food Safety training for 500 employees (factory and head office) for the Food Safety Day

    TPM PILLAR LEADER - Nestlé Group Quality Pillar Reference
    - Set up the pillar strategy for the 5 coming years and pillar roll out plan
    - Designed and implement the Quality Pillar Management for 3 factories
    - Lead training design and knowledge sharing within the Nestlé Group
  • Danone - Quality Engineer and Deputy Quality Manager in London

    Paris 2013 - 2015 PROJECT LEADER
    - New product design – Quality Leader
    Products: Danio, Danio Mini, Actimel, Actikids, Oykos, Activia Fusion
    Handled project management excellence activities from development to post-launch
    Handled risk management responsibilities over risk assessment, mitigation and contingency planning
    Organized tasting sessions and guarantee consistency in the methodology used
    - Quality on Shelves – Quality Leader
    Managed storechecks
    Advised and followed up on factory action plans
    Provided feedback on methodology for continuous improvement
    - Careline development – Quality co-Leader
    Designed and implemented training for new careline staff on brands, products, processes, quality
    Supported Careline management
    Monitored Careline reactivity and effectiveness
    - Brand awareness Campaign – Quality co-Leader
    Designed and implemented Danone UK brand awareness campaign with R&D team for all functions of the company and third party
    Note: Award of best training received from third party
  • Danone - Quality Engineer and Deputy Quality Manager in London


    - Supported Mancom decision making by designing and implementing monthly reports and quality KPIs
    - Implemented and updated the Quality System
    - Managed Quality budget and purchase orders
    - Designed and implemented monthly factory reporting regarding complaints and incidents
    - Followed complaints from consumers, customers, Authorities and warehouse
    - Followed sensitive complaints with factories: action plans, stakeholder management efficiency
  • Soparind Bongrain - Soredab - Ingénieur Scientifique Hygiène et Sécurité des Aliments

    2011 - 2013 INTERNAL AUDIT in HYGIENE & FOOD SAFETY (international) reporting to the CEO
    - Trade: cheeses / other dairy products / meat products / sea-food products / sweet products
    Worked in: France, Slovakia, Hungry, Germany, Belgium, Argentina.
    - ISO 9001 internal auditor.

    - Microbiological / Chemical / Allergen / Foreign body Hazards
    Went in several factories for an expertise (in France and Slovakia).

    - Group microbiological and Chemical control plans / Good practices sheets
    - Develop and implement a balance scorecard on microbiological analysis: Quarterly report on Group microbiological results.

  • Groupe Danone - Quality Engineer

    Deputy Quality Manager, Deputy Laboratory Manager and Environment Team Leader

    - Managed Hygiene and Production Good Practices including preparation, realisation and monitoring of plant audits: AIB, Ecocert, ISO 22000, ISO 14001, PASS 220 and Group audits
    - Trained ISO 22000 internal auditor by SGS
    - Managed consumer complaint system: Analysis / Communication / Corrective actions plan
    - Lead Plant Supplier Quality Assurance
    - Supported laboratory management: counter-analysis management and monitoring plan
    - Supported crisis management and lead on call duties


    - Managed the renewal with success of ISO 14001:2004 certification
    - Quality Leader of SAP launch project in the whole factory
    - Quality Leader of task groups : Losses and Enhancement of flows
    - Quality Leader of new products launch: Taillefine Desserts Fondants / Danet Flan / Le Petit Suisse Gervais



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