En résumé

Expertise technique dans le domaine de l'aerodynamique et de la simulation appliquée aux bâtiments.
Solides connaissances en ingenierie mecanique et comprehension generale des enjeux techniques industriels.
Autonome, inventif, enthousiaste et ouvert d'esprit.

Mes compétences :
Dynamique des fluides
Fluid Dynamics
Mechanical Engineering
Microsoft Dynamics
support technique
Technical Support


  • ALTO Ingenierie - Project Engineer - Building Simulation Expert

    2008 - maintenant Responsible for the growth of the CFD business (Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis) within the Building Simulation and Modelling Group:
    > developing and maintaining an in-house assessment tool for pedestrian wind comfort
    > carrying out detailed analysis for HVAC systems design by modelling internal air flows

    Incorporating sustainability approaches into building design according to the standards of French environmental assessment method (HQE®):
    > optimisation of the building envelope in order to reduce the loads according to the local climate (wind conditions, solar gain, natural daylight autonomy, glare analysis, natural ventilation potential)
    > implementation of appropriate energetic concepts validated by means of dynamic thermal and energy use modelling
    > evaluation of renewable energy sources available on-site (geothermal heat, solar energy, wind power)

    Liaise with architects and clients during the building design process to define the overall energy strategy, to improve the thermal performance as well as quality comfort, and then select suitable passive or active technical systems

    Writing business proposals for project work, delivering technical presentations and contractual reports.
  • CD-adapco - Project and Technical Support Engineer

    Melville 2006 - 2008 Engineer within the Technical Support Group at 2nd largest CFD software provider in a customer facing role
    > using and supporting numerical analysis codes for UK, Dutch and Scandivanian clients
    > managing and solving problems for large clients e.g. Perkins Engines, Renault F1, Arup
    > constant contact with both existing and new clients including pre-sales projects and training courses
    > demonstrating product capabilities and interacting with development teams in order to improve modelling techniques
    > carrying out long-term projects on specific physics modelling such as transition for external aerodynamics or multi-phase simulation
  • MBDA France - Project Engineer

    2004 - 2006 Project Engineer responsible for aerodynamic and propulsion studies within the Aerodynamics and Performances department with an emphasis on Computational Fluid Dynamics

    > define technical objectives of internal and external aerodynamics projects with programme management in consideration of time and cost targets
    > perform mesh generations, calculations and suitable analysis on a wide spectrum of products, from the short-range subsonic missile to the long-range supersonic weapon system
    > maintain simulation capabilities up-to-date, validate CFD solvers and develop associated tools to improve accuracy and technical quality of the numerical methods
    > participate in experimental campaigns such as wind tunnel tests or solid propellant rocket engine firings

    > give an initial estimate and assess technical risks of the studies
    > plan critical milestones and ensure redaction, publication and distribution of contractual documents to the clients
    > participate in negotiations with commercial code suppliers for technical aspects and take care of the interface with the internal users community
    > collaborate in the definition of efficient methods of working and implement appropriate procedures in conformity with the quality management system requirements

    > interact with design engineers and related specialists to provide discerning solutions in a complex inter-disciplinary context
    > disclose outcomes to internal programme teams and the French Ministry of Defence
    > join in an European project workgroup, mainly in United Kingdom and Germany
  • MBDA France - Graduate

    2003 - 2003 Graduation project, developing a thrust-minus-drag prediction model as part of a supersonic missile wind tunnel test campaign
    > implementation of aerodynamic, ramjet engine performance and trial configuration models
    > prediction of the loads integrated over the wind tunnel mock-up to evaluate the force balance equations
    > analysis of overall model outputs by the mean of experimental design and Monte Carlo methods
  • EADS Space Transportation - Graduate

    Blagnac 2002 - 2002 Final-year internship, designing the pyrotechnic device of a payload positioning system for a specific launcher
    > structural dimensioning calculations of the actuator parts and modelling of double-base solid propellant combustion kinetics
    > programming of a specific computer software to simulate the dynamic system operation
    > use of a statistical method of analysis to match ejection rate specifications
  • Mississippi State University - Intern

    2001 - 2001 Training period at the Aerospace Engineering Department, carrying out detailed research on the applications of nonlinear dynamics on helicopter rotor equipment
    > testing of elastomeric cylinders to discern the influence of diameter and thickness on the stiffness characteristics of the material under compression
    > exhibit nonlinear stiffness behaviour for the blade rotor assembly
    > examine the effect of the damping device incorporated into the rotor design
  • Corsica Composites Aeronautiques - Intern

    2000 - 2000 Industrial worker, manufacturing noise reduction panels for SNECMA aircraft engines
    > preparation and autoclave curing of fibre-reinforced composite materials
    > hand machining and fine adjustment of composite engine components
    > non-destructive quality production control by the mean of x-ray and ultrasonic inspection


  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure De Mécanique Et D'Aérotechnique (Poitiers)

    Poitiers 2002 - 2003 specialized course in aerothermodynamics / Annee de Specialisation en aerothermodynamique

    Academic project: study of transient aerodynamic flows around obstacles in partnership with EADS Space Transportation / Projet académique : Etude d'écoulements instationnaires autour d'obstacles en partenariat avec EADS Space Transportation
  • Ecole Nationale Supérieure Des Ingénieurs Des Etudes Et Techniques D'Armement

    Brest 1999 - 2002 Master’s Degree in mechanical engineering / Formation d'ingenieur en mecanique

    Academic project: modelling of a pyrotechnic cutting mechanism under the supervision of Dassault Aviation / Projet académique : modélisation d'une cisaille pyrotechnique sous la supervision de Dassault Aviation
  • Lycée Saint Louis

    Paris 1997 - 1999 two-year preparation in advanced mathematics and physics / Classes préparatoires aux Grandes Ecoles (Math-Sup, Math-Spé)
  • Lycée Jacques Decour

    Paris 1990 - 1997 Baccalauréat Scientifique with honours / Baccalauréat général série scientifique, mention Bien