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Leader with 20 years of successful experience in Change Management, Operations, Industrial Performance
and Quality in rail and pharmaceutical industry on multi-functions and in multi-countries.

Mes compétences :
Gestion du changement
Lean Sigma
Problem Solving
Standard management
Employee Engagement
general management
country training plans implementation
strategic plan development
Continuous Improvement
Six Sigma
Project Execution
critical items management
design risks analysis
Advance Project Quality Planning
Black Belt
Change Management
Human Resources
Process Development
Quality Assurance
Statistical Process Control
operational excellence


  • Bombardier Transportation - Head of Global Quality methods and operational excellence

    Crespin 2018 - maintenant Missions:
    Develop and implement the standard quality tools on the complete value chain.
    Deploy the Bombardier transportation operational excellence program (Operations and supporting functions).

    ✓ 4,5m€ cost avoidance on supported projects, and non-conformity cost reduced >25%.
    ✓ Required product risk analysis hours reduced by 50% for new projects.
    ✓ Problem solving (8D) and risks analysis (FMEA) competencies integrated in required role profiles and
    associated training plan set up: 700 employees in Operations and Engineering.
    ✓ Successful global deployment of the operational excellence system (80 organizations in operations & functions)
    ✓ Fully deployed teams showing 15 to 20% improvement on reaching their key objectives, and >75%
    achievement of their continuous improvement plan.
    ✓ French and German customers trust restored thanks to the deployed program success.
  • Bombardier Transportation - Site General Manager

    Crespin 2015 - 2018 Missions:
    Transform and develop the performance of the shared services centre to ensure best HR services to bombardier
    transportation employees (quality, time, cost). Ensure effective ramp up of activities and competencies.

    ✓ Local Market site positioning improvement, Employees Roles and Responsibilities reviewed, career and
    competencies development improved: Employees turnover rate reduced by 50% in 2 years.
    ✓ Full objective cascade to the lowest employee level in the site, visual management board used in every team.
    ✓ Employees representative negotiations: working time flexibility improved.
    ✓ 100% employees competent on problem solving methodology.
    ✓ 40 % recruiting and contractual documents volume increase with stable number of employees.
    ✓ 76% site objectives (Q,T,C) and 80% site continuous improvement plan achieved in 2017.
    ✓ Rework rate: 0,37% (target <1%) and global delivery service rate 98% (Target >95%).
    ✓ Cost savings: 3 million Euro in 2 years.
    ✓ Centre of expertise activities transferred to site (Comp & Ben, Mobility) and 5 new countries supported.
  • Bombardier Transportation - Global Quality Director: Product and Project quality

    Crespin 2010 - 2015 Missions:
    Improve quality and productivity in Design and Manufacturing phase.
    Create and pilot the Bombardier transportation operational excellence system (whole company applicable).

    ✓ Non-conformity costs process redesign and governance with all manufacturing site: Non-conformity costs reduction by 20% globally in 3 years.
    ✓ Quality improvement methodology (APQP) designed and successfully deployed on critical projects (internal and with critical suppliers).
    ✓ Quality in Design: + 20% productivity on supported projects thanks to Lean Engineering deployment.
    ✓ Operational excellence system created and based on best practices coming from Bombardier transportation and Bombardier Aerospace. Pilot successfully deployed in 4 sites (Belgium, US, France, Romania).
  • BombardierTransportation - Performance Manager

    Crespin 2006 - 2009 Missions:
    Site performance improvement and continuous improvement culture development. Worldwide site performance auditor and continuous improvement coach.

    ✓ French site Operational excellence maturity increased from level 1 to level 2,7 in 3 years (level 4=World class performance).
    ✓ Training and coaching of 70 employees on Lean & 6 Sigma tools and methodologies.
    ✓ 30 manufacturing sites assessed and successfully coached on performance increase worldwide (America, Europe, India) on safety, quality, Teamwork, productivity, flow management aspects.
  • Bombardier Transportation - Lean expert & Black belt Six Sigma

    Crespin 2003 - 2006 Missions:
    Lean / Six Sigma project realization. Training and coaching of Yellow Belt and Green Belt Six Sigma.

    ✓ 10 Six Sigma Black Belt projects successfully realized, including:
    ✓ Creation of a multi-projects takted assembly line: productivity improved by 25%
    ✓ Small hands tools management improvement: 100k€ annual savings.
    ✓ Warehouse relocation and optimization: 1.5m€ savings.
    ✓ 60 « Yellow Belt » & 10 “Green Belt” employees trained, coached and certified.
  • Glaxosmithkline - Method Engineer

    Marly-le-Roi 1999 - 2002 Missions:
    Manufacturing lines productivity and quality improvement. Continuous improvement culture deployment.

    ✓ Quality defects reduction projects: -20% defects on aerosol filling lines.
    ✓ Training and project coaching on continuous improvement tools (5S, TPM, SPC, FMEA, Problem solving).



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