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  • Samsung Electronics - Director SoC Silicon Validation and FPGA

    Saint-Ouen Cedex 2013 - maintenant In charge of Exynos SoC Silicon Validation and FPGA.
  • Texas Instruments - Hardware Platform Validation Manager

    Villeneuve-Loubet 2012 - 2013 Senior Manager Silicon Validation
    SOC Silicon Validation

     40 engineers (including managers)
     Recruitment interviews (internals and contractors)
     Team and employees objectives setting (tasks and schedule)
     Performance reviews, compensation and skills management
     Training, feedback and mentoring
     Budget (travel, investment) ownership and contractor management
     Silicon validation technology and processes improvement

  • Texas Instruments - Design Verification Manager

    Villeneuve-Loubet 1997 - 2012 Manager Design Verification
    SOC Top Level Design Verification
    Formal Verification
    Elected SMTS (Senior Member Technical Staff) 2004

     Up to 16 TI engineers and 80 contractors (internal and low cost externalized)
     Interviews , objectives setting, careers, compensation and skills management
     Built low-cost near-shore contractors capacity (up to 60 engineers):
    Serbia, India, Hungary, Ireland, Romania, Morocco

    Design verification technology and processes improvement:
     Collaboration with TI sites in Dallas, Bangalore, Houston, San Diego, Tokyo and Chicago in order to share best practices and implement new methodology
     Verification reviewer of TI IPs and SOC, auditor for external IPs (interconnect, GPU …)
     Member of Dallas Verification Symposium organization committee
     Introduction of Formal verification within TI, creation of a 5 members team
     Collaboration with CAD vendors to introduce within TI new functionalities or tools (like Power Aware, Specman, Register mapping tool)
  • Thomson-CSF - Modelisation, Simulation and IHM manager

    1987 - 1997 Manager Simulation & Modeling
    R&D engineer

    Management (1993  1997):
     6 Thomson-CSF engineers and 6 contractors
     Interviews (internal and external new team members)
     Employees objectives setting (tasks and schedule) and compensation management

    Individual contributor (1987  1997):
     Thomson-CSF digital cartography council member (1994-1997)
     Thomson-CSF Simulation and Physical Modeling council member (1993-1997)
     Signal processing lab teacher at ENSTA engineer school (4 months, 1990)
     Digital radio-altimeters simulator (digital cartography, radio propagation, signal processing), enabling new equipments generation: model delivered and ported successfully on Dassault-aviation mainframes
     Rafale IFF real time model delivered to Dassault: accepted first pass
     Warship communication network reconfiguration algorithm (patent as inventor, 1994) (publication in the Thomson technical book, 1993): graphical demonstrator built in time for customers marketing
     Ray Tracing model for WLAN (located in Eurecom Sophia-Antipolis) enabling successful demonstration to customers (hospitals, trains, metros)
     Radar propagation model (on secondment in Thomson-CSF Bagneux), unlocking our radar department
     Communication equipments processing GUI and ELF propagation model for French underwater army (DOD 2167A development), delivered in time with 70% benefits
     IT engineer in charge of UNIX Sun workstation installation and maintenance


  • Université De Provence Aix-Marseille I

    Marseille 1982 - 1987 D.E.A, Mathematic, with honors

    Mathématiques - Informatiques - Lab teacher for university students in software programming (1986-1987)

    4 months trainee in TRT – Plessis-Robinson (1987) - Radio-navigation equipments security software (Fault tree) development (for Mirage 2000N – Dassault Aviation), accepted by customer (Dassault) first pass, publication in TRT technical book (1989)


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