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Mes compétences :
Industrie pharmaceutique


  • Novartis Pharma AG - Biobank Team Leader

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2011 - maintenant Operational manager for the Basel repository

    Manage a team of 3 associates

    Responsible of the Sample Tracking System (LabVantage product) globally - currently business lead to replace the current application with a new LabVantage product

    Key contact with central lab organizations for the tracking of clinical samples

    Support operationally global initiatives, e.g. to facilitate the procurement of human samples for research activities, harmonize processes, ensure the compliance, etc...
  • Novartis Pharma AG - Information Scientist

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2009 - 2011 In charge for Europe of the sample tracking system (LabVantage product) to trace and annotate biosamples from clinical and preclinical studies
    Key contact with our external vendors for data transfer and data accuracy
    Support internal teams with regular reports using Business Object
    In charge of the implementation of a Nexus robot (-20°C)
    Involved as part time in the coordination of clinical studies
  • Novartis Pharma AG - Scientist

    RUEIL MALMAISON 2002 - 2009 Scientist in the Physico-Chemical Profiling Platform:

    In charge of the LC/LC-MS/LC-MSMS (HTS Pal/Thermo Quantum MSMS system, HTS-PAL/Agilent MS and UV 1100 systems)

    Several responsabilities on different screening assays:
    - in vitro permeability measurement using our in-house PAMPA set up
    - solubility assay using HPLC-UV/MS and based on Shake-Flask methodology
    - high troughput LogPo/w (partition coefficient octanol/water)

    -HT-pKa, technique based on UV detection (SGA from Sirius)
    -pKa and LogP using a potentiometric method (GlpKa from Sirius)
    -solubility: HPLC or potentiometric method (pSol from Pion)

    programming experience and software knowlegde:
    -Collaboration with Thermo-Finnigan (San Jose, CA) to implement an additional part of their X-Calibur software (QuickQuan) which manages a LC-MS/MS using an Oracle database
    -Implementation of a LIMS based on VBA programming to manage 6500 compounds/year (in 2004) on 4 high-throughput assays
    -Gemini and Pegasus software knowledge (Tecan) – Development of new scripts and programming VBA interfaces with Excel
    -Collaboration with Agilent to develop specific macros for the Chemstation software.
  • Virsol (Halisol holding)-ICOA, Orléans, France - Engineer

    2001 - 2001 -Development and validation of analytical methods (HPLC, GC) in order to determinate the purity and degradation of different pharmaceutical products; i.e., polymers degradation (as part of a patent)
    -Development of stability studies