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  • Aromatech - Training period R&D

    Château-du-Loir 2010 - 2010 ►Matching according to regulation
    ►Organic flavours development
    ►Creation of granulated flavours range for tea and « gourmand » range for different applications
    ►Monitoring and training panel ; Preparation and organisation of evaluation sessions; results interpretation
    ► Use and maintenance of the atomizer, granulator, compactor
    ► Weighing of liquid or powder formulae and emulsions, acquisition of raw material knowledge
    ► Appraisal and use of flavours on various applications
  • IPRA France - Flavorist

    2009 - maintenant ►Creation and innovation of tailor-made flavours and implementation into finished products (confectioneries, ice creams, bakerys, sauces...)
    ►Matching salt, sweet flavours and recipes depending on regulatory and physico-chemical constraints (ice creams, beverages, alcoholic beverages, snacks, soups, dairy products, confectioneries...)
    ►Matching colours with colouring from natural or synthetic sources and vegetal extracts
    ►Customer visit with sales managers (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany)
    ►Knowledge and application of the European, Chinese, American and Japanese regulations
    ►Use, analysis and interpretation of analytical tools results on GCMS, GC, SPME, HPLC
    ►Project research manager (low sugar, salt rate, « clean label » preservative...)
    ►Spray drying manager for development and production
    ►Internal auditor (Implementation of the ISO 9001 norm for the R&D department)
    ►Process optimisation for industrial production and R&D laboratory
  • Galimard - Training period

    2009 - 2009 ► Implementation of legislation in the laboratory and conception of Technical data sheets, Material safety data sheets and toxicological files
    ► Weighing of liquid formulae, cosmetic perfumery, Acquisition of raw material and essential oil knowledge, study of the stability in final products
    ► Elaboration of countertypes without chromatography and creation of fragrances



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