Alexandre COUTINHO


En résumé

Master of Sciences in Aeronautical Engineering and Electronic Engineering and also Bachelor in Electric Engineer.
More than 5 year of work experience. Fluent English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.
Experience with Airbus and Boeing Aircrafts and Simulators. Configuration Management and System Integration.
C, C++, LabView, AutoCAD, Catia v.5, Matlab, Access and Visual Basic.

Mes compétences :
Electrical Engineering
Foreign languages
C++ and C#
Aeronautical Engineering
Configuration management


  • Future Resources - Ingénieur de Projet

    2017 - maintenant Train Approaching Warning System (TAWS) project development, an autonomous signalling solution aiming at improving safety by generating light and sound alarm at critical locations of a rail network to announce a train approaching. Hardware conception, Java programming, Tests planning and certification for train remote surveillance. New clean power supplies for trains and rails, electromagnetic floating safety certification for High-Speed rails.
  • CMI Defence - Electrical Engineer

    2014 - maintenant Project development, certification and testing for missiles program. Configuration Management and testing of electric and electronic systems for missiles launchers and laser detection from targets.
  • Lockheed Martin - Aeronautical Engineer

    2013 - 2014 Development and testing of electric and electronic systems to aircraft simulators such as Airbus and Boeing. Testing of wiring and automatic systems to B737, B767, A320 and A330.
  • Airbus - Configuration Management

    Blagnac 2013 - 2013
  • Aerocampus - Internship

    2012 - 2012 In Aerocampus I worked directly in hangars and I developed improvements to the site. I worked directly with teachers and I acquired knowledge of aircraft instrumentation and inner workings of them.

    Aircraft operated:

    Mirage F1 E1, Hélicoptère SA 341 Gazelle, Mystère 20, Mirage 4, Alpha Jet, Hélicoptère Puma SA330 – Fouga Magister, Morane saunier Paris, Turbomachines SNECMA M53, Larzac
  • Angelmed International - Electronic Engineer

    2011 - 2011 In AngelMed I became responsible for developing an electronic device that is implanted in patients with heart problems. The device has the function to read an extremely detailed behavior of the heart, anticipating possible emergencies and giving the patient a special medical monitoring. My role was to develop the reading, read correctly the response, give to the doctor a patient feedback and be on call 12 hours a day (night time) to meet any emergency.
  • Planem Engenharia - Electrical Engineer

    2009 - 2009 In Planem I worked in another field of electrical engineering, I had the responsibility to develop cabling systems for hospitals and malls. I managed a team of three apprentices and I worked together with hydraulic engineers. We had to know the working area and give the customer the best solution at low cost. Usually this type of work involves public agencies of government.
  • Polycom Telecomunications - Internship

    2008 - 2009 I worked on developing a network of videoconferencing. The objective was to respond to customer needs and plan the best videoconferencing system to meet your needs. My role was to know the customer, develop a solution plan and coordinate the implementation of the planned system.


  • Sogeclair (Bordeaux)

    Bordeaux 2013 - 2013 Configuration Management
  • IMA - Institut De Maintenance Aéronautique

    Merignac 2011 - 2013 Aeronautical Engineer

    Non-destructive Control
    Project Management
    Quality reliability dependability
    Mainframe multitechnologiques
    Digital Electronics
    Digital systems
    Microprogrammed systems
    C / C + + Operating Systems
    Network protocols
    Energy conversion systems
    Control test
  • LSC Montreal (Montréal)

    Montréal 2010 - 2010 97/100

    11 months in Canada just to learn the english language in a professional level, I enjoyed this period to practice french with the goal to continue my studies in France.
  • Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo)

    São Paulo 2007 - 2009 Master of Sciences in Electronic Engineering

    Power Electronics
    Communication Systems
    Digital System Design
    Electrical Network & Analysis
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics
    Electronic Circuit Analysis & Design
  • Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie (São Paulo)

    São Paulo 2004 - 2007 Master of Sciences in Electrical Engineering

    Mackenzie University Sao Paulo (Brazil)
    Advanced Engineering Mathematics
    Mathematical Modelling and Computation
    Mechanics, Waves and Thermal Physics
    Electromagnetism, Modern Physics and 'How Things Work'
    Computer Programming