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I'm KOUKI Amir and I'm specialized on :

Change Management:

- Demonstrated ability to implement and support change. Ability to propose innovative solutions to facilitate adjustments in the organization.
- Ability to supervise a project and transform it into concrete actions and meaningful results.

Dealings with people:

- Capacity of people management stated, ability to share a common vision and goals and to mobilize the energies, skills and motivation of every one.
- Ability to create, operate and advance the internal and external network of contacts.
- Excellent communication and negotiation in respect of the different actors and their roles.

Development of people:

- Affirmed skills in managing the individuals’ careers, training, and development processes management and organizational learning.
- Control of definitions and skills development.

Resolving issues:

- Ability to creatively and synthetic solve complex problems.
- Ability to support crisis by encouraging “step back” and ethical reflection.
- Ability to lead and advance the dialogue in conflict situations.

Financial Management:

- Ability to manage the budget for payroll as well as an operating budget.

Computer Skills:

- Thorough knowledge of micro computers and business computing (desktop, enterprise management tools, development, creation of websites)

People Management
Event Management
Change Management
Project Management
Dealings with people
Development of people
Resolving issues
Financial Management
Computer Skills

Mes compétences :
Business manager
Project Manager
Change Manager
Team Manager
Système d'information


  • Groupe 3SI - Information system Manager Mezzo Groupe

    2013 - maintenant I currently manage 4 departments attached to ISD mezzo Group:

    - Network and Infrastructure: Network Architecture, secure hardware, virtualization, ...
    - Telecom Team: VOIP, PBX, IVR, ...
    - Development and integration of CRM: "managing Solutions of outgoing calls, Incoming, mails, chat" / developing internal solutions
    - Helpdesk: user support,

    My mission:
    • Infrastructure Management and implementing a secure network to mezzo business
    • Implementing a DRP process Strategy
    • Manage partners.
    • Business & IT Enablement, Alignment and Transformation.
    • Create a strategic planning, budgeting, sales, and delivery for the group.
    • Motivate, educate, and mentor project teams while building team morale and group commitment to Mezzo goals.
    • Hiring new technologies adapted to Mezzo
  • NRJ Mobile - Offshore Partner Business Manager

    Paris 2011 - 2013 I travel every month to marocco for a monthly monitoring of the activity:

    - Follow up indicators related to the Call center partner in Morocco.
    - Rise the bar for KPI's not in target.
    - Ensure good communication between my company and the partner.
    - Report results to my Business Director.
    - Sharing Best practices between our internal Call Center in Tunisia and the partner in Marocco.
    - Negotiate terms of the contract.
    - Manage the invoicing.
    - Single point of contact regarding the operational aspects.
  • Stream Global Services - Senior Team Manager

    Angers 2009 - 2011 - Contribute to starting a new activity "HP Consumer"
    - Recruit over 200 support technicians in 2 weeks...
    - Monitor trainings
    - Prepare and report to the project team in USA the evolution of the project.
    - Assist in a project Team Management weekly and daily.
    - Work in a small intra-project to reach the target on some KPI's not met.
    - Train, assist and develop the expertise of new team Managers.
    - Highlight the good practices of the company.
    - Ensure the Exceptional Customer Experience.
  • Stream Global Service - Team Manager

    2007 - 2009 - Manage people
    - Prepare Payrolls and Incentive plans
    - Animate my Team for a better results
    - Assist for a client Conference Calls.
    - Prepare plans
    - Monitors Team KPI's "Key Performance Indicator"
    - Report to SDM and director a weekly, monthly and daily Team follow up if need.


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