Annabelle ROY


En résumé

I'm in charge of the packaging used by the manufacturing based in Europe, Africa and China.

Our motto : develop and maintain compliant and adapted packaging on field : from technical point of view as well as for graphic design and labelling, as far as there is no stability/compatibility impact.
-7500 packaging references with regulatory constraints under my responsibility , 1/3 to be renewed each year
-15 new products launched in 5 years
-Continuous improvment, standardization,

Methods : Lean : 5S, kanban, kaizen, gamba, SMED, scrum, 6 sigma

Mes compétences :


  • Merial - Manager Packaging Operations Europe & Chine

    Lyon 2009 - maintenant Nous créons et mettons à jour les emballages réglementaires des produits fabriqués en Europe.
    Nous optimisons les packagings pour la travail des sites de production.
    Nous créons l'identité graphique des nouveaux produits.

    Equipe de 8 personnes
  • Merial - Packaging Development Engineer

    Lyon 2005 - 2009 Development of new packaging for medicines
    Technical expertise on materials/processes
    facilities support
  • Ducros - Packaging Assistant

    2000 - 2001 Specifications, drawings, trials