En résumé

From 1997 to 2019 - Accor Group - Various positions held at corporate level in various brands, In France and abroad

Mes compétences :
Développement commercial
Gestion de projet
Contrôle de gestion


  • Sofitel Luxury Hotels - Groupe Accor - VP Sales & Distribution

    2013 - maintenant
  • Sofitel Luxury Hotels - Groupe Accor - VP Strategic Planning & Management Control

    2007 - 2009 As part of Sofitel brand repositioning, a new subsidiary company was created: SOLUXURY HMC. Within the Sales & Marketing department, my remit is to set up and monitor management control tools and procedures based on internal audits, in collaboration with the Finance department. I am also responsible for coordinating the department’s activities (sales, distribution, marketing) and projects, both internally and in liaison with the platforms (Global Sales, Accor Web, Purchasing, etc.)

    Goals and objectives:
    1- ensure that the Sales & Marketing department remains self-financing at all times i.e. that costs are covered by the management fees allocated (which latter comprise a percentage of the hotel’s annual turnover): budget of 8 M euros
    2- prioritise sales and marketing activities in support of the brand’s repositioning in a strategic context, whilst at the same time providing ad hoc tactical support to the various regions
    3- prepare business reports and financial monitoring tables for hotel owners so as to ensure that our activities and budgetary allocations fully comply with our contractual obligations.
  • Global Sales - Groupe Accor - Director of Projects

    2004 - 2007 In the context of the New Sales Dynamics project, the purpose of which is to optimise international client flows, my tasks were to assist the implementation of the conclusions in the 4 pilot countries (France, UK, US & Germany), set up monitoring systems, and roll out the methodology throughout all international sales offices.

    Goals and objectives: an extra 800K room nights over 3 years (in the 4 pilot countries).

    Within the framework of the SOFITEL project, my role was to take part in a task force, the purpose of which was to implement the brand’s new pricing strategy with respect to Sales and Revenue Management, with the objective of maximising turnover in the short and medium term.

    New Distribution Contract launched to accompany preferred agreements signed with the major agency networks (American Express, etc.) and Internet distributors (Lastminute, Orbitz, Opodo,, etc.) The contract is aimed at enabling hotels to choose their preferred marketing strategy based on recommendations from head office.

    Goals and objectives: implement contracts that have been signed and industrialise the process via 2 task forces:
    - manage on line hotel registration using A.S.A (Accor Sales Application)
    - manage distributor remuneration (using TARS): ATACDis project
  • Global Sales - Accor North America (based in NY) - Director of Sales Support

    2002 - 2004 Within the context of merging the national and international sales teams, my missions were as follows:
    - integrate the new structure into the ANA department as regards finance (accounts monitoring, travel policies etc.) and IT (media, purchases, etc.)
    - implement and monitor budget
    - set and monitor objectives per segment and per salesperson
    - prepare business monitoring reports and trend reports
    - deploy ‘Accorhotels business solutions’ (professionals – B2B) amongst National Sales teams.

    In support of the deployment of A.S.A (Accor Sales Application), my missions were as follows:
    - train teams and administer the tool
    - manage price increases with respect to company prices and determine pricing strategy for North American Business and Leisure Hotels (Sofitel & Novotel).

    Scope: International Sales - 35 employees / National Sales – 20 hotels
    Budget: 5M USD