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I'm actively looking for opportunities as Project Management or Configuration Management Engineer.

Mes compétences :
Matériaux composites
Gestion de projet
Gestion de la qualité
Essais mécaniques


  • Airbus - Consultant Project Management (on behalf of Alten SO)

    Blagnac 2018 - 2018 Preparation of a booklet "Getting to grips with performance retention and fuel saving" with all Airbus aircraft types and preparation of a workshop during the seminar Fuel Savings and Emissions Reduction.

    Preparation of a single document gathering all best practices to help airlines to reduce the fuel consumption and emissions.
    This document is prepared in close collaboration with Airlines. It presents recommendations and figures related to flight operations and maintenance. It also include informations linked to new regulations in term of emissions, biofuels, tools to support operations of the aircraft.
  • Airbus - Fleet analysis & Configuration Manager – Upgrade services - A320 Family (on behalf of Alten SO)

    Blagnac 2017 - 2018 Development of fleet analysis activity to support A320 Upgrade Services assignment

    Responsible of configuration analysis of A320 family aircraft to answer needs of customers interested by a new option or subject to a mandate requested by authorities (FAA, EASA)
    • Use of configuration management tool to know the status of an aircraft during all its life cycle.
    • Identification of modifications to be applied for each equipment/product.
    • Fleet analysis to answer Airline’s expectations with the most appropriate solution.
    • Learning of regulations, requested by the different aviation authorities, and related milestones. Identification of impacted airlines. Offer a turnkey solution tailored to the needs of each client.

    Follow up of development of new avionics products.
    • Participation in technical project monitoring meetings with the design office
    • Definition of certification needs
    • Progress report with suppliers, support to Product industrial manager regarding supplier capacity

    Support to Upgrade project manager, Product industrial manager, Commercial manager and Product development architect for Airframe and Avionics products.
  • Alten SO - Product Offer and Configuration Version Manager (on behalf of Alten SO)

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2012 - 2016 Activities related to A380 customization. Definition of the configuration of each aircraft implemented via modifications registered on different tools ensuring the follow up of each aircraft throughout its life cycle.

    Product offer manager: Responsible for options offered to airlines:
    Steer Configuration Guide end-to-end publication including review meetings, action follow up, implementation in the tools and publication.
    Update of catalogue related to cabin systems offering options available for the customization of the aircraft.
    Writing and validation of the technical description of each option with the design office
    Creation and update of the configuration management tool for each option and technical solution.
    Creation of a booklet related to the external livery. Presentation of the milestones to be respected. Definition of the process to be followed.

    Configuration version manager A380: Responsible for monitoring requests from operators related to the customization of their aircraft.
    Ensure the coordination of the “Request for change” process, from the first screening of customer’s requests for a fleet to the definition of the contracted aircraft and to the definition of the industrial specification of the aircraft to be produced.
    Launch and follow up of studies
    Meetings with teams (cabin, systems, cargo, FAL) in France and Germany to define the changes to be made and discuss impacts to meet customer demands.
    Preparation of weekly meetings and writing of reports
    Updating the databases

    Work with transnational teams responsible for configuration management at Aircraft level or component level.
  • Airbus Group - Methods Engineer

    Blagnac 2011 - 2011 Automation of the analysis of ultrasonic data obtained by non-destructive testing (NDT).
    Data evaluation is done using a software developed by Airbus.
    Creation and deployment of inspection plans in cooperation with operators.
    Optimization of the production cycle of composite parts by limiting the proportion of NDT.
  • Blue Solutions - Process and Quality Manager

    2010 - 2010 Measurement of the level of degradation of polymer parts after processing (extrusion) for an application in the field of energy storage.
    Development of the experimental protocol by gel permeation chromatography (GPC).


  • Université La Rochelle

    La Rochelle 2008 - 2011 Master Physique - Chimie Option Matériaux

    Polymers and composites:
    Physico-chemical studies / Techniques of analysis : DSC, DMA, GPC, SEM... / Non destructive testing
    Material Mechanism
    Aging of polymeric materials
    Design of plastic parts

  • IUT Lannion

    Lannion 2006 - 2008 DUT Mesures Physiques

    Mecanique, Métallurgie, Chimie analytique et organique, Optique, Electricité, Thermodynamique...