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  • Nestle - European Lead Buyer for Cereals & Derivatives

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2006 - 2009 Sourcing and risk management strategy: to ensure the supply of raw materials at the best service, quality and total cost, as well as to mitigate supply and price risk
    • Participating to the organization set up enabling to manage efficiently the portfolio at European level;
    • Assessing suppliers performance/reliability and business needs/risks in order to determine best sourcing strategy and risk management strategy; Recommendation of projects to local procurement for strategy implementation; Setting up best communication process with top management, local procurement and stakeholders; Setting up performance indicators for cover policy and objectives achievement;

    Market follow up: to develop a terminal and physical market view and set up European cover strategy
    • Following up the market evolution (structure, arbitrage) – Tools: specialized news, analysts and brokers reports, internal and external network, risk calculation tables, Reuters / WSD, Mindtec
    • Writing monthly market reports for internal markets; Recommending cover strategy

    Negotiations: to purchase Wheat, Corn and Oat products for Europe (TO = 55Mio€)
    • Analysing the stakes of the suppliers and customers, launching requests for quote, negotiating – Tools : Cost analysis, suppliers comparative tables, call for tenders on electronic platform (CPG market / Ariba), internal trainings on negotiation techniques

    Management: functional management of 16 local buyers and direct management of 2 trainees
  • Nestle - Local buyer and project manager for the Cereals, Honey & Vitamins portfolios

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2004 - 2006 Market follow up: to develop a terminal and physical market view and recommend purchasing strategy

    Negotiations: to purchase the Cereals ingredients portfolio for France (TO = 31 Mio€)

    Project management: to be the proactive interface between suppliers – factories – R&D – Marketing and promote cost saving or innovation projects satisfying consumer demand
    • Defining the factory/customer needs (quantitative and qualitative) through contacts with planners, technical experts, controllers; Centralizing information from R&D and suppliers; Creating brief and planning (logigrams, deadlines), promoting projects, conciliating interests
  • Nestle - Buyer and administrative support for the European Cocoa beans portfolio

    Marne La Vallée Cedex 2 2003 - 2004 Negotiations: to purchase the fine cocoa beans portfolio for South West Europe (TO = 5 Mio€)

    Purchasing support for Cocoa beans: to ensure the physical supply of the European factories
    • Managing stocks & supply according to the forecasts of annual and monthly requirements; Ensuring the good communication between suppliers / factories / warehouse keepers, solving problems or conflicts; Following up the quality (physical and sensory tests, OTA content…)
    • Analysing the elasticity between cocoa price and consumer demand in cocoa-based finished products



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