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  • Chassis Brakes International - Purchasing Manager (GSAM)

    Amsterdam 2013 - maintenant Global Supplier Account Manager
    Friction Parts Commodity, 140M€ (25% of total purchasing T/O)

    - Created and deployed a worldwide purchasing strategy for CBI's regions Europe, China, Japan, India, Australia/Thailand and Latin America.
    - Managed a restructuring and oligopolistic suppliers panel. Involved as customer in antitrust investigations about a supplier buyout (under supervision of European Comission and Monitoring Trustee).
    - Responsible of parts costing during acquisitions, global yearly cost reduction objectives and strategy and price level achievement for global RFQs.
    - Directly managing a team of 3 persons in Europe
    - Functionally managing network of 7 persons in China, India, Australia and Brasil. Responsible for regional target achievement, local empowerment, best practivce sharing and implementation, and progressive alignment with central strategy.
  • Renault - Industrial Buyer

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2006 - 2013 Since Sept. 2011 - Turbochargers T/O 400M€.
    Concentrated panel of strong and global suppliers.

    - Piloted cost-down task forces with suppliers and engineering, to reach -5% on prices yearly.
    - Challenged the panel on an existing business. Achieved 15% cost decrease.
    - Built the Renault-Nissan long term vision and strategy for the purchasing on this commodity,.
    - Carried on the study and evaluation of new comers to enrich the supplier panel.

    Mar. 2009 (2½ yr) - Casting parts T/O 60M€.
    Supplier base in deep financial and legal difficulties.

    - Created specific industrial back up scenarios within strict judiciary delays for suppliers in bankruptcy risk.
    - Logistic/engineering task to avoid part shortage after Japanese tsunami crisis.
    - In charge of transversal control of action plans on suppliers identified as financially or judiciary risky.

    Oct. 2006 (2½ yr) - Plastic parts T/O 425M€.
    Mature and balanced supplier panel.

    - Achieved 5 to 25% cost reduction on parts in ressourcing 1.2L air intake line for LCC localization.
    - Conducted nomination process for the main business of the commodity (new Megane air line) within targets.
    - Negotiated all prices evolutions during development and serial life of the products.
    - Drove a technically ambitious change of technology allowing 10% of cost decrease on air ducts.

    Transversal activities

    - Negotiations for supplier nominations on new businesses and achievement of annual cost down targets.
    - Settlement of risk sharing rules for raw material cost / exchange rate fluctuation.
    - Responsible for capacity audit at suppliers’ plant and for new capacity investment potentially needed.
    - Leader of suppliers process audits conditioning the agreement on start of production
    - Pilot of production site transfers including logistic management and industrial audit
    - Work with international supply base and purchasing organization: Europe, India, China, Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Israel...
  • Renault - Purchasing coordinator - Internship

    Boulogne-Billancourt 2006 - 2006 Cost evolution follow up in serial life :
    - creation of reference follow-up document
    - Meeting animation with purchasing / engineeringnd
    - Monthly reporting of cost evolution for any engine parts
  • DCN, Direction des Chantiers Navals - Project Planning Engineer - Internship

    2005 - 2005 - Synthesized all aspects of pre-release trials for a frigate intended for Italian Navy into comprehensive document used by management for presenting project to clients.
    - Created reference document of entire trials to allow frigate go through project’s most important milestone, the “Initial Sea Trials”.
  • Euromaster - Consultant, Purchasing Indirect Material

    Montbonnot-Saint-Martin 2005 - 2005 Study on service viability of car maintenance devices for centres.
    - Contacted and met all subcontractors providing services to invite tenders
    - Visited centres and met with technicians to examine all possible internal solutions and communication improvements.
    - Presented both internal and external recommendations in meeting with management (solution accepted and implemented)



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