Christine COISY

Rueil Malmaison

En résumé

Current position since 8 years as process and project quality leader, before that 8 years as project leader, have confirmed my passion for quality and my skills on methodology, processes and tools for mastering projects.

My main strengths for a successful and sustainable quality are: team spirit, dynamism, pragmatism, flexibility, rigor, sense of organization and service !

Mes compétences :
Project Evolution Process
Requirements Management
Quality Assurance
ISO 9001
Project Management Process
Risks Management
Process Improvement
Software Project Management
Software Design
Project Quality
Six Sigma
Document Review Management
Association Management


  • Schneider Electric - Process & Project Quality Leader

    Rueil Malmaison 2010 - maintenant Quality leader of worldwide projects:
    - Multi-skills projects based on PMP (Waterfall) and Agile
    - Project managers are located in France. Project team, marketing, design and tests are located in France, China, India, USA and Germany
    - Customer field experience analysis, quality objectives, goals and acceptance criterias definition, quality plan writing
    - Support and assistance for management of deliverables, requirements, risks, change requests, defects and tests
    - Milestones preparation for decision. Transfer and closing management

    Quality Assurance: checklist controls definition, planification, assessment, corrective actions monitoring

    Support and community: methods and tools selection, process adjustment, training / information, project members coaching, experiences and best practices sharing

    Process continuous improvement: requests and lessons learned (project feedbacks) analysis, integration, publication (information broadcasting and web site update)

    ISO 9001 : preparation of assessment and certification, deployment
  • Schneider Electric - Board of Change Leader

    Rueil Malmaison 2006 - 2010 Customer incident and problem portfolio management on commercialized products: identification and priorization, evolution process applied, teams coordination (customers and countries support team, R&D, manufacturing), helping for requests analysis and decision, animation of crisis unit in case of critical issues

    Quality Product improvement: actions to decrease backlog and optimize flow

    Advanced dashboard design: automation of tasks, build of monthly and annual metrics for reporting

    Deployment of new tool to manage the portfolio: pre-studies, solutions proposals (in collaboration with design teams), formalization, introduction to users, writing of training material, coaching
  • Schneider Electric - Technical Project Leader

    Rueil Malmaison 2003 - 2006 Organization and projects management: standards studies, scenarii selection, requirements management, planification, project team management, training and subcontractors follow-up, risks management, actions follow-up, versionning, synchronization with external and internal teams, tests monitoring, reporting, measures and metrics, technical publication management

    Managed projects :
    - Development of input/output modules for a new programmable logic controller (PLC) range, build/integration of firmware
    - Database migration for its integration in standard process of the major configuration and PLC programming software
    - Investigation and specification of new module AS-i (field network)
    - Integration of Fipio (network bus) offer in configuration and PLC programming software
  • Inforama, Atos, Schneider Electric - Software Engineer (junior to confirmed)

    1992 - 2002 Projects design: study, specification, workload, estimation, planification, design and tests
    - Macro-cycle build for Fipio bus manager (complex algorithm for optimized bus data broadcasting) - Supervision and diagnostic of Fipio bus in connected mode
    - Calalog database design, interface modeling, access server creation, management tools design
    - Equipment and application structure configurators, configuration export
    - Application transfer and comparison tools between PLC and PC
    - Integration of Lexium and Ethernet modules: configuration, screen design, data generation
  • Cerdan/DCN Toulon - Software Engineer

    1991 - 1992 Design and tests of a GUI for viewing a database containing descriptive information of buildings and data related measures
  • Education nationale - System Engineer

    Paris 1989 - 1991 UNIX System and networks administration, users support
    Preparation and animation of training courses