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As a sales professional leader, I am used to enterprise software sales and highly process driven. I have strong experience in selling to global accounts and led complex deals to ‘C’ Level customers. My energy and drive help to engage the sales force to overachieve.

Mes compétences :


  • Parametric Technology Corporation - Regional Sales Director

    2013 - maintenant PTC solutions for Computer Aided Design (CAD), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Service Lifecycle Management (SLM), and Internet of Things (IoT) enable process transformation and deliver closed-loop lifecycle management for products and services that are increasingly smart and connected

    Focusing on Strategic Accounts market space, my areas of expertise include : A&D Business Transformation, Executive relationship, Complex Selling, Sales Rep Management, International working environment.

    $40M quota, in charge of French A&D Strategic Accounts, I lead a team of 5 direct Sales Global Accounts Manager
    My position involves driving new software and services revenue with enterprise organizations in Aerospace and Defense Global Accounts, as well as expanding business with existing customers.
    I am responsible for ensuring customers successfully realize the full value of the software and services.
    I ensure my Sales team to work through a methodical sales process to drive results and facilitate decisions
    Both Customers success as well as quota achievement are my main concern.
    I have proven track record of exceeding software sales revenue targets.
  • Parametric Technology Corporation - Strategic Accounts Director

    2011 - 2013 Where it is for Navalship or private yacht, PTC solutions are used from design to MRO. Among the most complex systems use PTC solution, among them Sub-Surface Balistic Nuclear as well as Aircraft Carrier.
    As the European Director for Shipbuilding Industry I am leading our forces in Sales, Presales, Marketing, Global Services to bring the best value to our Customers.
    I am the European interface of the PTC worldwide Marine Group and regularly exchange with other geos.
    I am directly involved within R&D strategy to influence priority.
  • Parametric Technology Corporation - Strategic Account Manager

    2004 - 2011 In 9 years starting as Sales Rep, I have been promoted to various Sales positions in direct space, finishing as Strategic Accounts Director. Member of Emerging Leader PTC Program.
    $5M quota, I managed Energy and A&D by expanding the sales both through existing and new accounts
    I worked closely with internal teams to qualify the needs and provide solutions to clients to close the sales deals
    I participated 3 times at PClub in 2009, 2010 and 2011 with 110-120% over achievement.
  • Cast Software - Regional Sales Director

    2003 - 2004 Software is the lifeblood of organization but also one of its biggest risks. Too many organizations lack control over project timelines, software risks, and maintenance cost.

    With a Sales and Pre Sales Team, I am passionate about helping our Customers to reduce application risks, improve time to value, and bring control and visibility into application portfolios.
  • CAST Software - Sales Accounts Manager

    2000 - 2002 Direct Sales,70% hunting activities on an upcoming new market - 2M€ quota
    2000 ; 212 % of the quota « Best in Sales » – 1999 to 2002 between 90 & 120 % achievement
  • Sopra Steria - Consultant

    Paris 1998 - 1999 Participate to Specifications, Implementation and end users training in bank and insurance for ERP projects



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