Jacques-Henry DE PETIVILLE


En résumé

Jacques-henry is a process and methods engineer involved in several transnational continuous improvement projects along his career.
He developped his knowledge in two different sectors of industry which are Design Engineering and Configuration Management.
He was able to demonstrate good analytic skills as well as proficiency in project management and lean methods.
Jacques-henry is recognized for his proactivity, his good interpersonnal skills and his autonomy on the projects.

Mes compétences :
Amélioration continue
Microsoft Office
Gestion de projet
Catia v5
Support technique
Agile Development
Méthode agile


  • P3 group - Kaizen expert

    2015 - 2015 Drive a Kaizen project to improve a Global telecommunication company's methods in deploying / improving Network installations. Mission in Indonesia.
  • P3 Group / JHP Consulting - Configuration Management R&T Business support / Airbus

    2015 - 2015 Support a R&T project within Configuration Management perimeter by:
    - Gathering all business needs and formalizing (and organizing) them into an official document to allow future tool development.
    - Workshop organization
    - Agile approach: Scrum method.
  • JHP Consulting - Process Monitoring for Airframe community / Airbus

    2014 - 2014 Set up a Dashboard to monitor Drawing Sets Release process on A350
    - Define KPIs
    - Create the relevant VBA macro to automate them.
    - Identify the Best Practices from most efficient suppliers.
    - Root cause analysis on the less efficient one.
  • JHP Consulting - Process Methods for Configuration Management CoC / Airbus

    2014 - 2014 Describe the process driving the transfer of Applicable Design and Configuration Data from Airbus to its aerostructure suppliers (A350)
    - AS IS analysis on previous usages.
    - Redaction of the Procedure for A350.

    Other activity:
    Design Query Note process improvement:
    - Analyse the feasibility of project deployment over Extended Enterprise (contract/operation)
    - Start deployment over 5 main suppliers.
  • JHP Consulting - Process / Method and Change management consultant

    2013 - maintenant Creation of the EURL JHP Consulting,
    Consulting in:
    Process Management
    Project management.
    HR support / Team Building

    See my website:
  • S2E Consulting - Engineer Process/Methods for the Airframe community (Airbus)

    2013 - 2014 Drive an Extended Enterprise project to define a new standard way of working between Airbus and its suppliers around the Definition Dossier topics.
    - Reduce the number of drawing set stakeholders from 10 to 3.
    - Run a Pilot with an Aerolia work package.
    - Reduce by 50% the lead time to sign drawings while maintaining the final quality.
    - Launch an overall project to customize the toolset for each subcontractor (Scope/ Business case / Toolset Requirements…)
    Outcome: Pilot exceeded the expectations and is to be deployed over the entire Extended Enterprise community in 2014.
  • S2E Consulting - International Business Development (Sogeclair Aerospace)

    2012 - 2013 International Business Development:
    Supporting a project leader to build a recommendation book for Sogeclair Aerospace’s CEO regarding its future North American subsidiary:
    - Identification of several aeronautics’ North American zones.
    - Tax / Labor cost study of those zones.
    - Meetings with US and Canadian Lawyers to get recommendations and quotations for the subsidiary creation.
    - First contacts with some US and Canadian accounting services companies.
    - Meetings with Marsh & McLennan regarding all Liabilities.
    - Meeting with Washington state chamber of Commerce representative.
    - Meeting with the Canadian Consul and “Investissement Quebec” to get information about the tax incentives.
    - Getting the COFACE agreement regarding the Prospecting Insurance
    - Getting feedbacks from other French companies that had previously opened a Canadian subsidiary.
    - Identifying potential opportunities with some US and Canadian companies.
    - Identifying and interviewing candidates for the Canadian subsidiary.
  • S2E Consulting - Process / Methods for the Airframe community (Airbus)

    2010 - 2012 Process / Methods for the Airframe community (Airbus)
    Setting up the Deviation process (~Engineering Concessions):
    - Creating the process steps in accordance with Structure / System installation and System communities.
    - Creating the database, the KPIs and all necessary templates.
    - Deploying the process toward A350 engineering community (1800 pers).
    - Writing an AP, an AM and a Technical note describing the process.
    - Leading a 7 people subcontractor’s team (CIMPA) to handle the process operations (in UK/G/Fr/S).
    - Driving an “e-motion” project to develop an automated and integrated tool for deviations – until G4 milestone was passed.
    - Setting up the Deviation marking in DMU and associated recovery team (another 4 people team from CIMPA).
  • Sagem Avionics Incorporate - Mechanical Engineer for the technical support team

    2008 - 2009 Mechanical Engineer for the technical support team:
    Put the repair station back in conformity to pass the ISO 9001 certification:
    - Internal Audit of the tooling
    - Setting up a partnership with a local machine shop to manufacture the missing tools locally.
    - Drawing translation from EU to US norms.
    - Setting up new test benches and training of the technicians
    - Test benches maintenance.
    - Correcting the CMMs (Component Maintenance Manual)
    - Crisis management when the FAA recalled all the CRJ100/200 and CRJ700/900 Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuators for a missing leak test.
  • Une école pour Sahafa - Humanitarian

    2007 - 2007 Humanitarian:
    Building of a 380 people school in Madagascar with 10 friends:
    - Raising funds during the previous year.
    - Bargain for the building materials.
    - Hiring and manage 10 more people to work with us.
    - Building of the school (foundations / walls / roof / flooring / painting for 2 buildings and 4 rooms).


  • QRP International

    Paris 2016 - 2016 AgilePM Practitioner
  • Aveta Business Institute (Cranberry Township)

    Cranberry Township 2015 - 2015 LEAN / DFSS Green Belt

    Lean Design For Six Sigma certification.
  • TTI Success Insights

    Paris 2014 - 2014 Certificate

    Certification based on MARSTON study (for DISC part) and on SPRANGER study (for WPMOT).
    It helps understanding each individual's profile and better drive them in what suits them best. It also helps building the best team possible for a challenging project or improving communication and efficiency of an existing team.
  • Hautes Etudes Industrielles HEI

    Lille 2004 - 2010 Conception mécanique

    L'année supplémentaire dans mon cursus correspond à une année de césure effectuée aux Etats-Unis
  • Lycée Institution Des Chartreux (Lyon)

    Lyon 1998 - 2004 S

    Collège puis Lycée