Jean-François PALY


En résumé

My name is Jean-François PALY, I am a winemaker coming from France.
I finished my master degree in Oenology in June 2014.
I am passionate by wines culture and the vines. I have the chance to be born in a vine grower family in Tavel (France).
I have 7 vintages of experience in wineries and a long time of experience in vineyards.

Mes compétences :
Equipment maintenance
Canopy management
Machinery maintenance
Laboratory analysis
Experimental protocol implementation
Diseases management


  • Marlborough Vintners - Supervisor

    2015 - maintenant
  • Lourensford estate - Press supervisor - Cellar Assistant

    2015 - 2015
  • Merryvale Vineyards - Cellar Assistant

    2014 - 2014
  • Château Angélus - Assistant

    2013 - 2013 In order to obtain my Oenology diploma, during my internship period I had to implant a co-
    inoculation experiment in the purpose to improve wines malolactic fermentation. My responsibility was
    to establish the protocol, to control the fermentation monitor (also alcoholic and malolactic) and all the
    necessary analyses, but also to take care of winemaking.
    Secondly I was involved as assistant winemaker in 3 different cellars belonging to the same
    owner (Château Angelus, Carillon, and the co-ownership Chateau Bellevue). In these 3 cellars, I worked
    under the winemaker supervising and my duties concerned: maturities controls (densities, pH, acidity,
    berries degustation), grape reception/machines adjustments, pre-fermentation operations (sulphur and
    dry ice addition for cold macerations - a innovating technique used in Bordeaux region). Other
    responsibilities: yeast inoculation, must/wine operations: pigeage, pump overs, delastage (pumping up),
    wine transfers, devatting, pressing, barreling, and sanitizing procedures.
    During this period, I had the occasion to pursue winemaking consulting with Mr. Debouard de
    Laforest in the region of Medoc. I assisted him taking the decision starting the grape harvest fallowed by
    winemaking planning in function of grape quality in the different wineries we visited.
  • Earl Chantepierre - Worker & Assistant Viticulturist

    2013 - maintenant As Chantepierre is my Family Estate which for I started to work since a young age, in the present
    here I have all the trust to take decisions or to act as a team manager when is needed. My main
    responsibilities in the vineyard focused on: soil working techniques (soil aeration/plowing and weed
    management), vine phenology observations and diseases management in order to decide and perform
    the chemicals treatments; canopy management (budding, leafing, trimming...); plots controls and
    equipment maintenance.
  • ENIGMA Society - Technicien

    2012 - 2012 The main purpose of my internship was to realize an experimentation to compare two different
    modalities of pests control in the vineyard. We compared the reasonable protection with biologic
    protection (experimental protocol implementation); we analyzed samples of fauna before and after
    treatments (on the leaf, on the soil) in order to identify all the benefic and destructive species. I
  • LES VIGNERONS DE TAVEL - Cellar hand

    TAVEL 2011 - 2011 Temporary worker - In charge of flotation and cellar hand -
    les Vignerons de
    Cave les Vignerons de Tavel is a cooperative cellar producing 30 000 hl of wine (85% rosé wine
    in Tavel Appellation, 10% red wine and 5% white wine in Lirac and Cotes du Rhone Appellation). The
    winery is famous for rosé production as Tavel is the only French appellation producing 100% of rosé
    wines, historically known as `'the first rosé of France''. The particularity of Tavel is that the wine is
    obtained by an ancestral maceration technique; the juice is macerated during 24-48h with skins to
    extract color and aromas.
    During this harvest I was in charge of flotation sector (it was the first time that the cellar used
    this process), 90% of the rosé and a small portion of white juice was floated before fermentation. My
    other responsibilities included: juice movement and general cellar work (yeast inoculation, pump over,
    wine tastings, and equipment maintenance).
  • Earl Chantepierre - Worker & Assistant Viticulturist

    2011 - 2011 I had the same responsibilities like in 2013 as I was working for the same estate. As a plus, after
    the vine-growing season was over (December), I also realized the pruning in the vineyard (pruning
    system: Royat Cordon and Gobelet) and soil fertilization.
  • Palivos Estate - Worker & Assistant

    2010 - 2010 As winemaker assistant, I did maturities controls in the vineyard (densities, pH, Acidity, berries
    tasting) and I worked with three different wine types (red in majority but also white and rosé) and
    before starting harvest I participated at bottling. I participated in grapes reception (machines
    adjustments); for the white wine I worked on the flotation machine and all my other responsibilities
    included all juice/wine operations as yeast inoculation, fermentation monitors and laboratory analysis,
    pump overs, racking, pressing and blending.

    To complete my experience I was also able to work in the wine selling room (wine tastings and events).
  • ENIGMA Society - Technicien

    2010 - 2010 During this training course I performed experimentation in Viticulture: study of auxiliaries
    fauna in a reasonable estate protection, this estate has 80 hectares with 3 different terroir and 9
    different grapes variety.
    My duty was to establish the experimental protocol, realize fauna samples on the leaf and
    species identification. With these results I created the estate cartography with all fauna in function of
    grape variety and terroir. The intern trials (tests with the news actives molecules) were made on
    vineyard but also vegetables and fruit tree.
  • La viti de Beaune - Winemaking

    2009 - 2009 France

    For my first harvest I experienced the Burgundy winemaking, with Chardonnay and Pinot noir
    in the cellar belonging to the university where I was studying. I participated to the receipt of grapes,
    basics analyzes (densities, temperatures), yeast inoculation, pump over and pigeage. After this
    experience I started my technical degree studies (Oenology and Viticulture).
  • Earl Chantepierre - Temporary worker & Viticulturist

    2007 - 2009 Starting 2007 I could it be recognized as a seasonal worker on my estate and I started to take
    responsibilities in different tasks; little by little I learned how to drive a tractor and run other
    equipment's; I was trained and I participated in all mechanical jobs (soil working technics, chemicals
    treatments, trimming, Mechanic shovel); canopy management (budding, leafing); plots controls,
    machinery maintenance.



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