Jean-Yves AGLAE


En résumé

Opteam Consulting intervient auprès des PME dans le domaine du conseil en Management, Logistique et Système d'Informations.
Implanté en Martinique depuis Mars 2013, Opteam Consulting continue son developpement auprès des professionnels de santé, du nautisme ou d'organismes d'éducations.
N'hesitez pas à nous contacter pour plus d'informations.

Mes compétences :
Gestion des Flux: QB7, OmniGraff
Santé: Hemadialyse, HemaT2A, Use It Flow, PhiR4, K
ERP: SAP R/3, SAGE 100, Qb7, OpenConcerto


  • Rising SAS - Président

    2016 - maintenant Rising SAS réalise principalement des solutions digitales Web et Mobiles. C'est aussi un groupement d'expert qui vous accompagne dans tous vos travaux de migration, transition ou évolution d'outils connectés.

    Références: Yole365, Crosma, Round Martinique Regatta
  • Opteam Consulting - Gérant et Consultant

    2013 - maintenant Gérant d'une entreprise de Conseil en Management, Organisation, Logistique et Système d'Informations.
    Support et accompagnement de PME en développement.
    Optimisation Utilisation logiciels Métier: Hemadialyse, HemaT2A, Octime, Sage ligne 100, PhiR4, Qb7,
  • Année Sabbatique - Indépendant

    2011 - 2012 Voyages divers autour du monde
    (Guyane, Suriname, Mexique, Tentatives de traverser l'Atlantique, Antilles, Allemagne, Jordanie, Canada)
  • Alten Sud- Ouest / Airbus - Consultant - Project Leader Logisitic / Information Systems

    2009 - 2011 At the Central Logistic Function for the FAL (Final Assembly Line), the company ALTEN Sud-Ouest is represented at Airbus Toulouse by a team of 4 consultants and is involved in several projects with different perimeters and different objectives.

    As a ALTEN coordinator, one part of my mission was to manage the integration of new consultants in the ALTEN perimeter, to ensure a monthly reporting of our activity with the customer Airbus and to be involved in the discussion between ALTEN and AIRBUS regarding the new projects to come.

    As a business project leader, my mission was focused on several projects linked to the improvement of the information system used by AIRBUS, SAP.
    The most part of the projects performed concerns the improvement of the exisiting SAP system of Airbus France (SAP PGI) to integrate new functionalities requested by the FAL users or update existing functions.
    The others were linked to the design of the new SAP system of AIRBUS called ARP (AIRBUS Ressource Planning), that is an harmonisation of all the SAP systems used within AIRBUS.

    My mission at AIRBUS has lasted 22 months under the responsability of T. DUMOUCHEL from ALTEN and P. DUFOUR from AIRBUS.
  • Alten Sud-Ouest / Areva SGN - Consultant - Project Leader in logistic flows optimization

    2008 - 2009 Directly integrated in the Mechanical Department of AREVA SGN Cherbourg, the main activity of my mission was based on the software ARENA (Rockwell Software) that is used to build logistic flows models.
    Based on inputs coming from the production lines, I was in charge to build accurate ARENA modelisation of existing or new processes. The results of those models where used to:

    - Help the operators to take decision in the day-to-day activities (ex: long term planning, visualization of stock evolution, ...).
    - Support the designers in the conception of new installations for futur projects (Elimination of bottlenecks, determination of stock characteristics and capacities of installations, ...)

    As a project leader, my tasks were also to manage the organisation of meetings, to establish and follow plannings, to write documents and presentation for each models done, and train people in order to ensure a continuty in the ARENA activity.

    My mission has lasted 19 months at AREVA SGN under the responsability of N. BASSIERE from ALTEN and D. LOHIER from AREVA SGN.
  • Larsen & Toubro, Integrated Engineering Solutions - Trainee - Support for Business Development France

    2007 - 2007 The Larsen & Toubro company, localisated in Chennai, India performs some studies for several famous customers all over the world. As a french trainee, I was integrated in the team responsible of the development of the European market.
    During this 6 months internship spent in Chennai, I have been involved in several activities listed below:

    - Support the L&T team in the prospecting activites for new european customers
    - Ensure a high quality in the activities performed for french customers (management of planning and quality of the deliverables)
    - Participate in the development (Accès/ASP) of an internal project management tool to monitor the project progress , the project planning, the project ressources involved and generate the bills.
  • LGC ENSIACET - Trainee - Database Developer

    2006 - 2006 Part of a team of 4 ENSIACET students, the objective of this internship was to create a web interface for the management of international relations of the school ENSIACET. The internship was directed by the "Laboratoire Génie Chimique" (LGC).
    My main task was to create the Access database that will store all the information used by this interface and then make a Php/MySQL connection between the database and the different internet pages of the interface.
    The results is available at the following adress:

    This internship has lasted 6 weeks under the responsability of X. MEYER (Teacher at ENSIACET).
  • France Télécom - Trainee - Customer Service Support

    Paris 2005 - 2005 As first internship for the Engineer school, I made a two months internship for France Telecom in the customer service of Toulouse.
    My function was to support the employees in their day-to-day tasks that were mainly focused on:
    - Maintain a production planning for the interventions and inform the customers
    - Ensure a stock level for some references and supply material if required