Mathias BOBIN


En résumé

As a young and dynamic engineer with cross-cultural education, I want to get involved in an international project to prove my adaptability and show I can learn fast and be creative.

Since I began my studies, I’ve always wanted to work abroad, no matter which country, discovering new cultures, speaking new languages. I already have some abroad experiences so I would have no difficulties to get fully involved in a project including a cross-cultural team. Plus, the one year travel I did, facing different situations with people around the world, has provided me a knowledge which will help me to solve issues with hindsight, open-mindedness and if necessary, firmness.

Mainly being a process/production engineer, I learnt a lot about lean manufacturing, continuous improvement, production's follow-ups, adaptability, and how to apply these values into workshops. It is being a field engineer that I've learnt to improve processes respecting costs/quality/delays issues, dealing with production's vagaries. Open-minded, confident and skillful, I'll be able to lead a method/production project facing the daily contingencies while respecting workers and directives.

Mes compétences :
Lean Manufacturing
Conception mécanique
Amélioration continue
Gestion de la production


  • SOPREMA ENTREPRISES - Process Engineer

    Strasbourg 2015 - maintenant - Optimize production processes in terms of productivity.
    - Lead and coordinate technical studies with the production manager to guide the technological choices and develop industrial facilities.
    - Implement a supervision system (ensure the relevance of databases, lines' mapping and contact suppliers).
    - Boost pragmatic approach when solving problems in a spirit of continuous improvement.
  • Leroy Somer (Groupe EMERSON) - Process engineer

    Angouleme 2013 - 2014 Implementation of an automatic stator winding line.
    Define the Chinese factory’s needs, evaluate and understand the Chinese equipments’ capacity, establish the automatic winding line’s specification, choose and qualify the supplier, implement the line into the workshop, support the operators/engineers’ trainings, launch a production and qualify the line.
    Recommendation letters from M.E. manager and Motor Division’s General Manager.
  • Ateliers de la Haute Garonne - R&D Intern

    2011 - 2011 Design and ramp-up of a new rivet.
    Realize the design study, produce prototypes' batch, check the mechanical essays and write the associated test reports. In addition, follow-ups of other mechanical projects, write technical documentations and trials reports.
  • ALPHACAN (Arkema Group) - Maintenance Intern

    2009 - 2010 Implementation of a CMMS’s software (Management of the computer-aided maintenance).
    Transfer the machines’ histories from the workshop, define a classification system, implement the new management software and provide technical assistance to the maintenance team to use it.


  • University Of Applied Sciences, Hochschule Ulm (Ulm)

    Ulm 2011 - 2011 External exchange with ERASMUS program for the winter semester.
    Modules Included: CAD/CAM, dynamics, fuel cell principles, applied thermal-fluid system, lean production system and fluid mechanics.
  • Ecole Nationale Des Ingénieurs (ENI)

    Tarbes 2008 - 2013 Ingénieur en mécanique générale et industrielle

    Graduated from a Five-year course in mechanical engineering leading to a M.Eng.
    Modules Included: Mechanical design, team management, materials and structures mechanics, metallurgy, composites and ceramics process, production techniques and management.
    Acquired: Project management skills, leadership, team working and communication skills.
  • Lycée Louis Rascol

    Albi 2005 - 2008 Baccalauréat S-SI

    Baccalauréat général série S spécialité SI.
    Equivalent of British A-Levels (maths, physics and engineering studies).


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