En résumé

The strong experience capitalized during 14 years into Distribution, and specifically as a buyer, through masses of purchases beyond 100M€, gave me a real sense of result.
In a word it can be fascinating to go and get the solution outside to resolve a need which is inside.
A strong analysis and serving whatever happens the users are two main keys to succeed into purchases.
Remaining at your disposal…


  • Easydis / Groupe CASINO

  • Agidra-IPAS (Grand Frais rayon épicerie du monde) - Non food and Non merchant purchases Manager

    2017 - maintenant
  • Agidra-IPAS (Grand Frais rayon épicerie du monde) - Non food Buyer

    2016 - 2017 Transport/Logistics :
    - Dowstream transport.
    - Upstream transport.
    - B2B and Web flows.
    - Logisticis support (pallets).
  • Groupe Casino - Buyer

    Saint-Étienne 2011 - 2016 3 mains themes: Transport, Intellectuals services, Costs associated at the staff ...

    Méthod :
    - Building of tehcnical specification with the provider and the users.
    - Sourcing.
    - Market survey into a context of competitive upstream market.
    - Fixing targets.
    - Supporting each one providers during the tender/consultation.
    - Building the best offer into a context of non-competitive upstream market.

    Résults :
    - Delivery of a strong matrix anaylisis offering a synthetic lecture :
    - The existing => Financial and operationals views.
    - Improvements => Costs savings and operationals improvements.
    - Scenarios proposed to the top management committee sponsor and to users in order to get a collective decision making.
    - Estimating a possible cost of change.
    - Supporting into the phase of putting in production :
    - Fixing objectives.
    - Implementation of activity piloting/monitoring.
    - Reporting building/monitoring KPI.
    - Management of change.
  • Groupe CASINO - Transport Buyer

    Saint-Étienne 2007 - 2011 o Global approach of the France transports suppliers mapping.
    o Analysis of the costs prices publicated by the professional organisations.
    o Developing strategy : Which supplier where, why, how much ?
    o Centralization of local contracts and transformation into framework contract.
    o Buildings of specification and launching tenders.
    o Methods and projets performed :
     Building a transport suppliers database.
     E-tenders.
     Reportings and activity monitoring.
    o Goals/Objectives :
     Costs Savings through respecting operationals services wishes.
     Containing prices increases.
  • GROUPE CASINO - Team "Chartering Upstream transport" manager

    Saint-Étienne 2005 - 2007 o Management of 10 charterers.
    o Flow from industrials sites (Group suppliers) to group warehouses.
    o Goals/Objectives: Services rates and respect of the budget.
  • Groupe Casino - Team "Chartering Downstream transport" manager

    Saint-Étienne 2002 - 2005 o Management of downstream transport :
     (Flow from 3 warehouses in Rhone-Alps (France)).
     Distribution on the whole national zone (France), Groupage.
     Food and non-food goods (Dry products).
    o Management of 5 charterers.
    o Management of about 100 departures per day through a panel of transport providers (steady suppliers/dedicated trucks).
    o Goals/Objectives : Reaching services rates given by the internal client => Nearly 100% of deliverings before 11 O’clock T+1 and respect of the budget.