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Research engineer in the metallurgy service of the ArcelorMittal - R&D research center of Esch-sur-Alzette (Luxembourg).

Main activities:
- Support the european "long products" plants for their quality issues and products development.
- Support for the development of new steel grades and long products with improved mechanical properties.

Mes compétences :
Material synthesis
Material Characterization
Renewable energies
Solid state phase transformation
Anglais avancé
Science des matériaux


  • ArcelorMittal - Research engineer - metallurgy group

    2016 - maintenant
  • IMAP, iMMC, Université Catholique de Louvain, Belgique - Postdoctoral fellow

    2014 - 2015 Supervisor: Pr. P.J. Jacques

    Project 1 title: “Elaboration of new promising Fe-based Heuslers compounds for thermoelectricity”
    Project 2 title: “Influence of thermo-mechanical treatments on the thermoelectric properties of Fe2VAl Heusler compound” (in the framework of a master thesis supervision).
    Project 3 title: “Quantification of the crystallographic order in ternary Heusler Fe2VAl thermoelectric compound”.

    Main responsibilities:
    - Development and management of three different projects including academic and industrial partners.
    - Implementation of collaborations (project I & II).
    - Supervision of one student (project II) on an innovative project combining classical metallurgy and thermoelectricity.
    - Establishment of a new methodology (structure determination through advanced characterization techniques) for my former lab.
    - 'Lecturer' for master I & II at UCL.
    - Supervision of a master project.
  • ICMCB - CNRS - PhD student

    2011 - 2014 Supervisors: S. Gorsse, C. Delmas (ICMCB)
    Collaborators: C. Navone (CEA-Liten), Pr. Y. Bréchet (PM - Haut-commissaire à l'énergie atomique).

    Project title: “Study of the influence of nano and microstructural parameters on the thermoelectric properties of n-type magnesium silicides Mg2(Si,Sn)”. In the framework of the project “Renoter 2” for automotive applications and in partnership with the start-up Hotblock Onboard which products TE modules. Thesis available here:

    Main responsibilities:
    - Leader of a substantial project covering the synthesis, the shaping, the optimization and the characterization of inorganic functional materials.
    - Skills development in many fields: classical and powders metallurgy, sintering, phase diagram (thermodynamic), modeling …
    - Implementation of (inter)national collaborations
    - Co-supervision of interns (master II mainly) and a student group on an eco-solution for non-favored populations
    - 'Lecturer' @ CBP
  • ICMCB - Intern

    2010 - 2010 Supervisor: Dr. S. Gorsse (ICMCB)
    Collaborator: Pr. Y. Bréchet (PM/SIMaP - Haut-commissaire à l'énergie atomique).

    Project title: "Effect of the nanostructuration through solid state transformation on the thermoelectric properties of PbTe-GeTe alloys"

    Main responsibilities:
    - Co-establishment of a collaboration with the renowned Pr. Y. Bréchet for the determination and the modeling of a new phase transformation.
    - Optimization of the material through an innovative concept.
    - Investigation of new thermoelectric materials.
  • ECN (Energy research center of the Netherlands) - Intern

    2009 - 2009 Supervisor: Dr. F. Lenzmann
    In collaboration with the Pr. A. Polman, FOM institute AMOLF, Amsterdam, Netherlands

    Project title: “Plasmonic effect on solar cells: elaboration of a test platform to check the beneficial effect of a silver nanoparticles coating on monocristalline Si solar cells”.

    Main responsibilities:
    - Elaboration of a test platform to check the beneficial effect of a silver nanoparticles coating on monocristalline Si solar cells.
    - Implementation of a proof of concept for the ‘down-scaling’ of solar cells characterizations.


  • Ecoles Nationale Superieure De Chimie Et De Physique De Bordeaux (ENSCPB) (Bordeaux)

    Bordeaux 2007 - 2010 Chemistry and Physics

    3-year program in chemistry, physics, processes, mechanic and computer science.
    Specialization during the 3rd year in alloys and composites.
    Management, economics and english courses to prepare the student to the industrial world.

    Main projects:
    - Feasibility to introduce Mg-RE alloys in automotive engines based on specifications and the CES EduPack software.
    - Joining SiCf/SiC composites for IV-

    Rennes 2005 - 2007 Chemistry - physics

    Post-secondary preparatory school to integrate french "Grandes Ecoles" - Two years intensive courses in mathematics, physics and chemistry as well as economy and management to integrate french "Grandes Ecoles" (cfr. french system).


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