En résumé

Over 11 years of experience and expertise in project coordination in dedicated sectors of energy and infrastructure (Oil & Gas, nuclear plants, water treatment, plant constructions).
Graduated in 2006 in International economics (majoring in foreign markets) I have, since then, collaborated in various projects as consultant for major actors of energy, environment and infrastructures:
- EDF for the contract management of post-fukushima installation DUS (Diesel d'ultime secours)
- Sidem & OTV (Veolia group) for water treatment and seawater desalination, effluents treatment and sludge incineration
- Saipem (ENI group) for Oil & Gas in offshore, onshore et subsea projects
- Areva for the construction of Flammanville 3 EPR ® , the life extension of a nuclear unit in Sweden, and as spare-parts business manager
- Degrémont & OIS (Suez group) for projects of waste water treatment and seawater desalination on Oil platforms
- SNC Lavalin for the construction of an acid phosphoric plant in Jordania


  • Edf - Contract management coordinator (assigned by AGAP2)

    Paris 2017 - 2019 Coordinating a team of four Contract Managers based in Chinon, Saint-Laurent-des-Eaux, Dampierre and Belleville nuclear sites (called "Plaque Loire") who manage the contracts implemented for the construction of Diesel Stand-by buildings (DUS). Involved contracts encompass Civil Engineering, Electro-mechanical systems, Miscellaneous underground networks (VRD) and Electrical installations. Main tasks:
    - Contractual correspondence (monitoring technical, quality, costs, security and planning discrepancies) with focus on security issues / followin-up Liquidated Damages / Reviewing and negotiating claims against variations of scope of works / Following-up milestones and associated payment plan / Conducting weekly team meetings / Issuing and following-up of REX sheet (Electromechanical contractor) / Issuing a quartely report to the client
  • Order Manager and Expediting Consultant (assigned by AGAP2) - Order Manager and Expediting Consultant (assigned by AGAP2)

    2017 - 2017 Contractual management and follow-up of suppliers of auxiliary piping and fittings for FA3 project
  • Areva - Order Manager and Expediting Consultant (assigned by AGAP2)

    Paris La Defense 2015 - 2016 Contractual management and follow-up of suppliers of auxiliary small valves for FA3 (R) project
  • Areva - Spare-parts business manager, Export projects (assigned by AGAP2)

    Paris La Defense 2015 - 2017 In charge of procurement and sales of spares-parts for Installed Base (operating plants) in China (Daya Bay, GuangDong, Ling Ao, Ling Dong, Taishan), France, Belgium, Spain and UK
  • Suez - Procurement consultant (Expeditor assigned by AGAP2)

    PARIS LA DEFENSE 2013 - 2014 #1 Handled Expediting and Inspection activities for MODEC MV27 project: construction of a Sulfate Removal Unit (SRU) + Daeration Tower + Multi Media Filters (pressure vessels) for the sea water treatment package of MV27 FPSO.
    #2 Coordinated Expediting, Inspection and Logistics activities for KEPPEL project: construction of a Sulfate Removal Unit and Fresh Water Maker for 2 FPSOs in Brazil (P-66 and P-69)
  • Snc Lavalin - Project expeditor (assigned by AGAP2)

    Ivry-sur-Seine 2011 - 2013 Environment: JIFCO project, EPCM contract for the construction of a grassroots sulphuric/phosphoric acid complex in Eshidya (Jordan) by JIFCO, a JV company owned by Jordanian Phosphate Mines Company (JPMC) and Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative Limited (IFFCO).
    Assignments: managed and followed-up contracts for electrical packages ,Instrumentation, mechanical packages, piping & fittings.
  • Otv - Procurement consultant (Expeditor) assigned by AGAP2

    Saint Maurice 2011 - 2011 Environment : Project WARSAW CZAJKA
    Upgrade and extension of the CZAJKA wastewater treatment & sludge Incineration plant in Warsaw, Poland
    Tasks : Follow-up of Material contracts and supplier management for the delivery of equipments including associated documentation.
  • Areva - Project management coordinator (assigned by AGAP2)

    Paris La Defense 2011 - 2011 Environment : Project FREJ, Ringhals (Sweden)
    Replacement of main components (steam generator and pressurizers) and power up-rate of the 4th unit of Rnghals Nuclear Business Plant.
    Assignment: Monitoring and expediting activities undertaken by the Engineering office AREVA NP UDDCOMB (Sweden) on behalf of AREVA NP SAS management (FRANCE). Issued montlhy reporting to client.

  • Saipem - Procurement consultant / expediter (assigned by AGAP2)

    Montigny-le-Bretonneux 2009 - 2011 Environment : EPIC/EPC services for the oil & gas industry for projects in Congo, Angola, Nigeria.
    Tasks: In charge of managing Assets * Purchase Orders, from signature to final delivery (material and documentation). * Equipments non-incorporated to final works (for yards or for subsea and offshore installation campaigns)
  • SIDEM Desalination (VEOLIA Group) - Project expediting consultant (assigned by AGAP2)

    2008 - 2009 Environment : design, build and operation of desalination plants in MARAFIQ (Saudi Arabia) and FUJAIRAH II (UAE)
    Tasks / assignments: ensuring the delivery of purchased equipments to the works site within the agreed schedules. Position based in France.

    Paris La Défense 2006 - 2008 Purchasing Assistant Degremont
    Environment : design, build and operation of a waste water treatment plant in Budapest